ChinaGoAbroad is privileged to have the China Overseas Development Association (CODA) under the National Development & Reform Commission (NDRC) of the People’s Republic of China participating as a “co-founder” of the website. The NDRC is the ministry in charge of outbound investments from China. CODA is commercially operated and the only such entity under the NDRC to focus on this area.

The project also enjoys the endorsement, support and guidance of the following Chinese government agencies and companies:

Government Agencies:
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Associations & Organizations:
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Commercial & Financial Entities:
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Affiliate Members:


  • Zhang Guobao (Former Vice-minister of the NDRC, Former Director of the National Energy Administration; Former President of CODA)

    In today’s information-rich society, an online presence is critical. I believe we have not yet harnessed the full potential of the Internet for providing useful information relating to foreign investment opportunities. ChinaGoAbroad provides Chinese entities and their foreign counterparts with online information and also offline consultancy services. CODA is proud to be associated with this ground-breaking and most informative project.

  • Adi Harsono (Chairman, Indonesia Business Association of Shanghai)

    I have followed this project since the beginning. I strongly support the idea and am impressed by the initiative. I believe this platform will benefit the business communities in both China and Indonesia, and that it will become especially significant in implementing the Comprehensive Strategy Partnership between China and Indonesia.

  • Dr Chanchai (Chairman, Reignwood Group)

    Today, the internet is a critical source of information and a great promotional platform. I believe we have not explored the internet’s full potential to provide useful information in connection with outbound Chinese investment opportunities. ChinaGoAbroad (CGA), as a global platform integrating resources from all business sectors, is a great tool for cross-border investments and a reliable source of information. I have been closely observing the development of CGA and am very supportive of the CGA philosophy and concept. Given the strategic importance of China’s “One Belt, One Road” policy to promote economic growth on a global scale, I hope and believe CGA will play a key role in promoting the policy and develop into a platform where more information and project opportunities can be found.

  • Alfonso López-Ibor (Partner and Director, Ventura Garcés & López-Ibor Law Firm in Spain)

    Being a member of CGA will bring a significant benefit to our clients who are looking to entering foreign markets, as CGA gives us immediate access to local advice in the most competitive markets of the world. This will allow us to provide a better service to our own clients and endless opportunities to find partners in a global market.

  • Miroslav Plišo (Founder, Law office Miroslav Plišo)

    This project has allowed me, a lawyer from Croatia (a country with a mere 4.2. million inhabitants, but with a big potential for foreign investment), to present all my projects to the Chinese and global investment public.

    An additional plus is certainly CGA’s constant expansion into other countries and connecting with new entrepreneurs in those countries. A serious global network is being created and the best part is the contacts being made on a daily basis among members of CGA for business cooperation, help, information exchanges and so forth.

  • Daniel Urech (Partner, Wenger & Vieli)

    With the support and active help from the CGA team, we succeeded in getting leaders from China’s industrial, banking and finance, management consulting and media sectors to attend our event. The interest of the diverse and high caliber audience in the subject of investing abroad was palpable.

  • Loletta Chow (Partner, Global Leader, China Overseas Investment Network, Ernst & Young)

    With the continued growth of China's overseas investments, ChinaGoAbroad.com (“CGA”) creates a unique platform to connect Chinese companies and overseas companies by sharing powerful insights and information, and by connecting Chinese investors with international service providers and investment opportunities. EY, as a global professional services organization, is very happy to work with CGA, which provides us with an effective platform to leverage our global network and to collaborate our expertise, high performing talents to understand what Chinese companies need and assist them to expand their footprint out of China.

    CGA is an effective, efficient and instructive portal in this increasingly competitive global marketplace. The breadth of knowledge, initiatives, tools and expertise of CGA connect you, as Chinese business leaders, to the world’s fastest-growing economies and identify business opportunities.

  • Zou Weimin (Chairman, MCC Overseas)

    To go abroad, Chinese companies need a bridge linking them and the rest of the world. Growing against the backdrop of “Internet + going abroad” and “One Belt One Road” initiative, ChinaGoAbroad has built such a bridge for the development, innovation and a win-win situation for China businesses.

  • Helen Szaday (Founder of Paris Fine Art Consulting)

    I am proud to participate in ChinaGoAbroad as an expert based in Paris, the City of Light. Through this CGA initiative I have the opportunity to offer Chinese investors a portfolio of art education, art advisory and cultural investment opportunities.

    The CGA global platform of information and business opportunities for outbound Chinese investment is composed of an elite team of professionals and experts in all business sectors. Their global success to date in both online and offline project transactions is a testimony to the effectiveness of CGA strategic cooperation between the Chinese investor, the CGA platform and the overseas project.

  • Stanley Ko (Founder and President of Albarka Africa Investments)

    With its panel of sector and country experts, a project database and offline consulting services, CGA acts as an important bridge for Chinese firms venturing into the world’s most challenging and fastest-growing regions outside Asia. Albarka Africa Investments is privileged to be associated with CGA in playing a role to de-risk Chinese investments in Africa.

  • Paul Eric Mason (International Counsel, Arbitrator and Mediator)

    I am very pleased that CGA has attracted so many Chinese investors and others interested in dispute resolution abroad, as shown by the high number of people who have clicked onto and read the articles I prepared on Arbitration and Mediation of business disputes with Latin American parties. Keep up the good work!

  • Ed Hotard (Senior Consultant, Warburg Pincus)

    Over the past decade, China has been encouraging Chinese firms to invest outside China. Initially it was the large resource companies that made direct investment or acquisitions abroad.  In recent years, however, other high value-add industrial, consumer related and technology firms have been investing and this now includes SME’s as well as larger private companies.  Having a forum in which the buyer/seller can identify their interest and interact has become a key determinant in the acceleration of the investing abroad to acquire channels, technology, management to enhance market position in China and to participate in the global markets. ChinaGoAbroad fulfills this needed requirement for information exchange in a concise informative manner, with immediate professional services and advisory assistance identified to assist those less experienced firms in the two-way street of Chinese investments abroad. A much needed platform at a unique time in the further development of the Chinese and Global economy.

  • Federico González de Aledo (Director of Expansion and Development, CORPORACIÓN 5)

    We joined CGA a few years ago. The platform is dynamic - we posted several business opportunities and many potential clients/partners showed interest. One of our main projects has been a Spanish “golden visa” qualified investment. A Mexican investor interested in the project found us through CGA! He ultimately became one of our clients, and via our company obtained a residence permit in Spain. For me this is another demonstration of the good service that CGA’s platform offers to all it members.

  • Rebecca Hossack (Director, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery)

    As the art world has become increasingly global with the rise of the art fair, China has become a key platform for both established and emerging artists to share their work with new, highly-receptive audiences. CGA is an invaluable aid in this, providing investors and art lovers with the information they need from trusted experts to nurture their interests and develop their own collections. For me as a dealer, it is a forum where I can share my joy in beautiful, quality objects. Crucially, it has also allowed me to promote Australian Aboriginal art and my stable of international contemporary artists. Without CGA as a respected database complementing my work at Asia's art fairs, Aboriginal art and culture could well have remained on the periphery of an exciting and engaged market.

  • Greg Hayes (General Manager, Mining & Metals, Perth, AMEC)

    CGA is a valuable resource offering key information and connections. AMEC is proud to be a founding member of CGA .

  • Lisa Leong (Head of Business Development, Asia, Herbert Smith Freehills Lawyers)

    ChinaGoAbroad aspires to be the most informative one-stop-shop for Chinese investors. Heavily endorsed by regulatory bodies, associations and service providers, it is a platform where businesses can come together to assist and consult on all aspects of China outbound investments. As Asia Pacific's largest international law firm, Herbert Smith Freehills is excited to be part of this initiative.

  • Tim Tubman (Partner, Chapman Tripp)

    CGA provides access to invaluable information and resources for Chinese investors who are, or who are considering, doing business internationally. Chapman Tripp is proud to be a member of ChinaGoAbroad, helping Chinese investors succeed in New Zealand.

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