I have dedicated my professional life to the pursuit of positive transformation. Over the course of a diverse career in both the public and private sector, I have sought out pioneering ventures that benefit the public interest. I have led teams, connected communities, and established successful programs through non-governmental and international development organizations, and private companies. Of my own entrepreneurship and out of a desire to affect lasting change and progress, I have founded online platforms, researched and published historical accounts and lobbied on behalf of civil rights and at my position as ambassador, where I have re-invigorated the old Montenegrin Diaspora around the globe.


As ambassador of Montenegro to Argentina I have formalized a network of Montenegrin diaspora across Latin America. During my tenure, the embassy has built relationships with Montenegrin communities in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina that had previously not been accounted for in more than 100 years. I have developed an agenda for continued relationships with the Montenegrin diaspora around the world.

I was one of the pioneers in the development of online journalism, campaigns and what we call "soft power" when it comes to promoting via the Internet in a fight for independence, as well as the developmental and touristic potentials of Montenegro.

I co-founded and served as consultant to Montenegro’s first online journalism portal, Hosting news and campaigns to promote a movement towards independence, and fostering the development of Montenegro as a tourist destination; has successfully and permanently established Montenegro’s internet presence.

As part of a team which established the first online booking system in South Eastern Europe as an initiative to establish and grow local business ventures, I worked to develop entrepreneurship in the region such as live oil production, construction companies, small publishing businesses, photography on order and exclusive guided tours .

In attaining investors and serving as financial manager, I sheparded to success the first road concession Meljine - Sitnica established at the border of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I secured the liberalization of electricity supply in the area through negotiating mutually beneficial arrangements between public and private entities.

Work Experience

  • Cross Capital S.A (June 2019- )

Adviser to board responsable for projects with European companies and cooperation in energy projects Private investment banking entity operating in “southern cone“ based in Buenos Aires.

Ambassador of Montenegro in the Argentine Republic, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay march 2014- January 2019

Based in Buenos Aires from 14th of march 2014 I established and opened as a sole diplomat for 24 months the first Embassy of Montenegro in Latin America and developed the first diplomatic, economic and cultural relations with the continent. I organised alone the whole work of the embassy according to national and international laws from financial, technical to diplomatic. During this period i organized the Montenegrin diaspora in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia reestablishing their institutional relations with Montenegro and networking.

  • Matica Crnogorska member of the directive board. May 2013 -  June 2018

I was elected member of the Directive Committee responsible for Foreign Relations and the Diaspora of the “Matica Crnogorska”, the most important national institution in culture, science and identity politics. Established representations of the institution in Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina.

  • Director of the Diaspora Direction in the Ministry of Foreign Relations and European Integration of Montenegro. October 2011 to March 2014

Due to my scientific research and praiseworthy investigation works on immigrants living in Latin America and the United States, I passed from the private sector to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Director of the Diaspora Direction with the purpose of establishing a new institution within this Ministry. Before entering MFA traveled doing independent research 22 times to Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and the US. During my appointment on this particular position i traveled extensively to Kosovo working with state and local institutions in order to include in local laws and constitution the minority rights for the montenegrin minority.

CEO “Energy financing Team”: Montenegro May 2008 - October 2011. Leading energy group in the development of electric markets in Southeastern Europe.

One of the work experiences which has influenced me the most in understanding business. During my labor in EFT he participated in the preparation of tenders for the purchase and sale of electricity, and in inquiries and negotiations with local state authorities from Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo and Herzegovina and Croatia and successfully lobbied for legislation preparation for electricity market liberalization.

  • Executive Director of the firm “Universal Monte”  June 2006 - May 2008

First BOT - road concession in Montenegro, the largest infrastructure investments in the country between 2006 and 2007. Successfully concluded the project financially and technically, and organized the maintenance work as well as pay toll, and other means of profit. I assured the quality of institutional relations in order to ensure the best possible reception from the local population and, at the same time, achieve profitability for the investors.

  • Project officer for Bluemont ( ) , September 2002 - May 2005

I was hired by IRD now for the development/implementation and  exploration of projects in local communities financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). It involved infrastructure projects, both social and economic (CRDA). (Team leader Sue Ellis and Chief of party Robert Harris)

  • Co-owner of the first Montenegro news portal December 1999 - May 2009

Member of the editing board between 1999 and 2009 (since 2001 and until 2009 as a co-owner and member of the commission responsible for business development).

During its first years this website was the most important lobby and propaganda Internet station which, since 1999, stated and explained the necessity for Montenegro independence, whereby, after the 2006 referendum, it successfully became an online booking site which still exists under new management. The first one in south east Europe. During business transformation process from news portal to online booking platform and portal, I carried out a key role.

Publications and Awards

  • Montenegrins in Argentina, published in the year 2000.
  • Montenegrin Emigration in Argentina, published in 2002.
  • Nikola Petanovic- Montenegrin Mirror (San Francisco, California), translator and commentator, published in 2006.
  • Montenegrins in South America, published in 2011.
  • Professional Consultant of the documentary Montenegrins in Latin America 2013-2014.
  • Montenegrin emigrants in the new world – 2016.
  • Author of numerous articles about Latin America history, society, migrations
  • Illustrated Encyclopedia of Montenegro – collaborator, published in 2005.
  • Collaborator of the main newspapers and portals in Montenegro and the Montenegrin diaspora since year 2005.
  • Author of “V.P.U.V.”, poetry book published in 2007.
  • Author of different short stories and several literary works.
  • Honorary member of the FSBS (www. established in San Francisco 1880
  • Special award of Montenegrin community of Buenos Aires
  • Special award for networking Montenegrin community of Peru


Place of birth: Belgrade, Serbia

Date of birth: 04.04.1977

Dual citizenship: Montenegro


Secondary school, Herceg Novi classic High School (classical lyceum), Montenegro

Montenegro University, Kotor Maritime College

Management and administration department ( pomorstva)


Active knowledge: Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese


In the year 2002, he attended a 9 weeks seminar abroad specializing on peaceful conflict resolution and mediation in the Nansen Academy in Norway.

My hobby is painting since high school and i have participated in several group exhibitions in Serbia, Montenegro, Argentina and Norway.

I m married with Jelena Popović Stojović and I am a father of 3, Balša 20, Stevan 16 and Jelisaveta Agustina born in september 2018.

Gordan Stojović

Gordan Stojović

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