Accomplished, results-oriented and well-rounded, Richard Nixon is a diplomat, leader, and an executive with expertise in business facilitation. He helps to negotiate complex strategic deals that benefit governments and private enterprises. Dr. Nixon is also a critical thinker, with strategic vision and overall policy direction. His work focuses on establishing governmental and corporate policy guidelines.

Negotiation skills are also an asset; Dr. Nixon has successfully demonstrated this when working with international and domestic entities to negotiate lucrative trade policy agreements and contracts to achieve mutual corporate objectives. He is also a respected leader with the ability to surpass organizational goals through complex multilateral negotiations and winning solutions.

Currently, Dr. Nixon is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Natcom International Group, an advisory and consulting services company. His work focuses on commercial activities between China and the Caribbean and Central American region. One of his key ongoing projects is the establishment of a China-Caribbean Trade, Investment and Tourism Center in Tianjin, China, which would serve as a platform for bilateral trade, investments and a channel for Caribbean products to enter the Chinese market and consolidation of goods bound for the Caribbean region.

In his previous role as Counselor and Head of Mission at the Embassy of Grenada in Beijing, Dr. Nixon’s responsibilities covered political, economic, commercial and consular duties between China and his home country of Grenada, in addition to the entire Caribbean region to a lesser extent.

Dr. Nixon has spoken at numerous events and conferences as a representative of the Government of Grenada and other regional and international stakeholders. He continues to build his network to promote sustainable social and economic change throughout the Caribbean region.

Dr. Nixon is an electronic engineer by trade and pursued his MBA at the University of California, Berkley campus, and California Central University. He was recently honored with a Doctorate in Business Administration from Victoria University. He was also awarded the Order of Victoria Neuchâtel Medal. He has served as an advisor to the US State Department’s Communications and Information Policy Division and as a member of the ITU’s development sector and many other regional and international agencies both corporate and private.

Dr. Nixon, who was born in Grenada, currently resides in Florida with his wife and daughter. He enjoys motorcycling, golf, fishing, boating, and a good cigar whenever he is afforded the time.

Richard Allan Nixon

Richard Allan Nixon

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