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The Annual Investment Meeting has, for almost a decade from its inception, reached significant milestones that have mostly bene ted emerging world economies. In 2020, AIM will hold its 10th edition under the theme “Investing For The Future: Shaping Global Investment Strategies” and will discuss the investment trends and the future of sustainable investment under AIM’s Five Pillars - Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) and Future Cities and its special event One Belt One Road.

Global flow of FDI can be ideally improved, with tools and economic structure that can be capitalised on to lure investors from protectionist policies. However, despite a slowdown in several economies, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to enjoy its global ranking of 27 on FDI in ows in 2018. The World Investment Report released this year by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development further cements investor confidence in UAE.

UAE received foreign direct investments of $10.4 billion in 2018, maintaining the lead as the top FDI recipient in the Arab world by drawing 36 per cent of inflows, and ranking second in West Asia by attracting 33.4 per cent of FDI into this region. FDI in flows into the UAE has hit $10.385 billion in 2018, from $10.354 billion in 2017, while out flows spiked from $14.060 billion in 2017 to $15.079 billion in 2018.

AIM recognises the economic impact of not only FDIs but other avenues of investments. AIM offers a unique opportunity for startups to learn from industry experts who will mentor them and share relevant experiences for their growth and success. AIM also highlights brilliant SME business projects traversing various industries and sectors to ensure entrepreneurs are equipped to actively participate in improving the nation’s economy and the welfare of its people.

As AIM acknowledges future cities solutions as the next destination for huge investments, it will also focus in assisting future cities solution providers by sharing expert knowledge and network, and by linking them with genuine investors.

When countries cannot facilitate high FDI in flows, foreign portfolio investment (FPI) can be promoted. AIM attracts a multitude of investors including venture capitalists who are interested to diversify their portfolio. FPI can secure for a local business an infusion of assets in the form of stocks, bonds, and cash.

AIM 2020 special event One Belt One Road, will be organised to fully understand the investment opportunities within the Belt and Road Initiative.

As AIM is expanding its economic scope, more stakeholders will be served, and more nations can fully enjoy the economic benefits of sustainable investments.

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Annual Investment Meeting 2020

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