Australia Property Fund, the best investment tool under your control, realizes double returns of investment and immigration

Australia Property Fund is an investment managing fund and a SIV compliant fund with high target returns that provides Australia Significant Investor Visa holders with control, flexibility and security. Australia Property Fund has more than 20 years’ experiences in real estate, financial funds management and investment. Australia Property Fund has AFSL and large number of clients. It also helps SIV realize high target returns.

What is the Significant Investor Visa (SIV)?

SIV is for immigrants who are willing to invest at least AUD$5million into complying investments for a period of at least 4 years on a provisional visa before being eligible to apply for a permanent visa. Complying investments include government bonds, managed funds regulated by the Australia Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and/or direct investment into Australia companies not listed on a stock exchange where that company operates a qualifying business

Why choose Australia Property Fund to assist with your SIV?

Australia Property Fund can establish ‘Sub-Funds’ especially for the SIV applicants to control their property development projects and invest in certain classes of assets. SIV investors can also participate in our property development projects to minimize investment risk and receive potential higher returns.

Unique advantages of Australia Property Fund for SIV holders

1. Recognized by laws

Australia Property Fund is specially set for the SIV applicants by DIAC and meets all the application requirements of SIV.

Australia Property Fund has registered in ASIC and has been under strict supervision compared with the funds without registration, so it also meets all the investments requirements of ASIC.

Australia Property Fund meets all the application requirements of SIV and all the investments requirements of ASIC, so investors will shoulder any law risk.

2. Unique structure design: individual investment account

Australia Property Fund will open an individual investment account for every investor. Every investor is independent with other investors. Every investor completely owns his investments and will not be affected by other investors.

3. Investment decided by individuals

Investors have their own investment account and can choose their favourite way of investment. Different investors have different choices on investments, so Australia Property Fund can avoid the situation that funds from different investments are mixed together. The investment of every investor will not be affected by other investors, even the decisions of fund manager.

4. Investors can invest in the properties they like

The most special point of Australia Property Fund, some investors who prefer to invest in properties can choose to invest in the Australia properties they like.

Investors can invest in newly-built properties or second-hand properties and these properties can be self-occupied or rent. Properties investment must be approved by FIRC.

5. Investors can invest in farms and chateaus

In Australia Property Fund, investors can invest in farms, chateaus and other comprehensive industrial enterprises.

6. Information publicity

Australia Property Fund offers investors annual investment account reports and investors can know the detailed information about the investment account including the information of charging standards, taxes and so on. Australia Property Fund can also meet some investors’ requirement to offer chained reports of investment accounts.

Management of clients' investments

Our investment management team will fully supervise investments in Australia Property Fund and our team has rich experience in funds management, real estate development, projects management, projects marketing, financing and immigration services to provide all around services for clients. Our team has successfully managed all kinds of investments. Besides, our team has helped SIV holders receive annual target returns of 12% in the period of four years and realized double returns of investment and immigration.

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