CBBC business opportunities service: a case study from the education sector

The UK’s long and proud educational heritage attracts a large number of international institutions every year, seeking to learn from or adopt the British model. Last year, Chinese organisations posted 75 education-related business opportunities via CBBC’s service, to which we received 1,286 responses from potential UK partners. This is equivalent to over six new Chinese requests per month and 17 British enquiries per request.

Chinese companies’ demand in education is largely concentrated in:

  • Higher education, professional skills and training, and professional qualifications (in multiple fields)
  • New schools: establishing international schools or joint universities in China
  • Syllabus design: domestic and international schools in China requiring syllabus design and guidance from UK institutions
  • Language training and summer schools: Chinese institutions and companies seeking UK partners to arrange short-term learning camps in the UK
  • Sister schools: faculty exchange programmes and syllabus research

A typical case study

A well-known Chinese education group was interested in British education, but needed to know more. CBBC’s education advisors met them for a series of consultations in which they briefed the company on the UK’s education landscape, channels to explore and directions to move in.

Armed with a more thorough understanding, the company decided first to find a suitable British public school to cooperate with one of its Chinese schools on summer-holiday exchanges and syllabus design. Twenty-three British schools and education companies responded to CBBC’s business opportunity post, and a long-established public school in Wales promptly began talks the Chinese side promptly began talks on designing courses. At the same time, a famous name in British education entered discussions with the Chinese company on long-term two-way cooperation.

If you are interested in cooperating with Chinese partners and would like to participate in CBBC’s Business Opportunities service or find out more, please contact simon.stewart@cbbc.org.cn.

This summer, CBBC will begin a series of special talks on international schools for Chinese institutions and interested members of the education sector. More information will be available soon at: www.cbbc.org/sectors.

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