Commercial real estate investment profiles for Germany: who wants buy what in 2015?

Management Summary (1)

Who wants to buy what in 2015?

An analysis of investment profiles targeting German commercial real estates.

In order to get clarity on this question, Real Estate Circles commercial real estate experts have analyzed >800 investment profiles, addressing more than 90% of key national and international institutional market players and investors. In total, in Germany they have real estate assets under management >180 € bn and realize transactions >18 € bn per year.

Key findings are:

  • More than 30% of investors interested in German real estate are non-German by origin. Many beyond the group of “typical suspects”. Many of them have a strong German-wide investment scope
  • Among non-German players, Investment managers (Funds) have crucial relevance. In addition, Real estate investment companies and Asset/ property managers are essential

Management Summary (2)

Key findings are (continued)

  • Investors’ interest widely spreads across cities. More than 20 cities do attract interest of more than half of the investors, each
  • Office, residential and retail investments are on top of the investors` interest list – with substantial interest across other property types, too
  • Core office investments as well as core and value add residential investments are most relevant
  • While non-German investors prefer core investments, German investors pursue alternative investment strategies equally

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The Real Estate Circle matching platform allows members to match specific objects with all the investors’profiles represented in this report and to determine efficiently and 100% confidentially who is interested in a specific object.

More than 30% of investors in Germany are non-German by origin with strong German-wide investment scope

Among non-German market players, investment managers have crucial relevance

Investors' interest widely spread across cities

For an interactive version of the investor interest by city map, please visit

More than 20 cities do attract interest of more than half of investors, each

Office, Residential and Retail investments are on top of the investors' interest list

Core Office investments as well as Core and Value add Residential investments are in top demand

While non-German investors prefer Core investments, German investors pursue investment strategies equally

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