Content Creation and Marketing from a PR perspective

by Denise Chen

In the PR world we always say content is king, although the future trends of PR are shifting from traditional to digital, and the line between PR and marketing has slowly been erased as well, it is still crucial to bear in mind the basics prior to making an effective marketing plan and strategy – that is to have sufficient content.

Imagine content is your body, customized content is your outfit, press is your vehicle, and audience is your destination. Now, would you like to look fabulous in your little black dress, jump in your red Ferrari and drive all the way to LA? In this blog we will have an overview of the most popular and most voted tips and trends from 217 industry marketing professionals regarding Content Marketing.

Your client may have piles of information available that they are not aware of. Categorizing that information is the center of content creation, product news can be incorporated into a press release, best practices are the perfect evidence to compile customer testimonial, while thought leadership, industry news could generate excellent media interview opportunities.

A recent survey conducted among 217 marketing professionals by SkyWord and Unisphere Research revealed that, the top five most used sources where content is generated from are:

BODY – Content

  1. Product-related
  2. Best practices
  3. Thought leadership
  4. Industry news
  5. Corporate news

Content Areas

(Graphic source: 2013 Content Marketing Survey trends conducted by SkyWord and Unisphere Research)

OUTFIT – Customized content

You have the body, now what? It’s time to choose your fabulous outfit! But the question is how to map out the best colors and represent who you truly are?

Ideally, every PR professional holds a bunch of clients’ bios, photos, images, press releases in hand, which they can utilize on different platforms, from magazines to social media where they could fully develop their potential for “file making up”. Identifying client type and brands positioning is a good start. Creating content for a B2B energy brand may be best from articles, blogs, interviews, reports and stats, associated with appropriate and professional images or videos to add more flavor. Whilst content creation for a B2C automobile client will need more excitement, test drive video, event photos and chic car models to best showcase the brand through more color and fun visuals.

The 217 marketing professionals voted for the top 3 types of content created form that will help their clients look great based on the materials available:

  1. Articles
  2. Videos
  3. Blogs

Types of Digital Content Created

(Graphic source: 2013 Content Marketing Survey trends conducted by SkyWord and Unisphere Research)


You have your little black dress on, and you are ready to hop on a car and drive to that dream destination. Ferrari or Halley?

New social media platforms, new mobile apps spring up almost everyday, let’s not be overexcited and rush to whatever is new in the market before further observation. With the massive information of owned, earned and paid media, which one will be the most efficient for you to reach LA? Among the top 5 most crucial content marketing channels, company website is voted as the first channel to market your product. Email campaigns ranks the second, PR is considered as the 3rd most crucial channel for content marketing. While company website and email database are both a company’s internal tools, PR’s value and influence speaks for itself here.

The top 5 most important content marketing channels:

  1. Company website
  2. Email
  3. PR
  4. Social media
  5. SEO (organic)

Importance of Channels for Content Marketing

(Graphic source: 2013 Content Marketing Survey trends conducted by SkyWord and Unisphere Research)


Yay, finally we are in LA! Is our mission completed? Nope – A new marketing journey for your own agency has just begun. Come on PR consultants, share with the world your successes on the journey, let your imagination go wild, using as many and creative ways as you want, video, audio, event, photos, words. And don’t forget to emphasize your targeted content which you created, and measure if the key content has successfully driven you to LA.

(All Graphics source: 2013 Content Marketing Survey trends conducted by SkyWord and Unisphere Research)

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