The golden visa in Portugal is designed to encourage investment from non-EU/EFTA nationals. The Portuguese golden visa offers a fast-track to obtaining a residency permit in Portugal and other benefits, for non-EU investors who invest a minimum amount as defined by law.

Types of qualifying investments:

  • Capital transfer of at least EUR 1 million into Portugal
  • The creation of at least 10 job positions in Portugal
  • The purchase of real estate property in Portugal worth at least EUR 500,000
  • The purchase of real estate property in Portuguese urban regeneration areas at least 30 years old to the value of at least EUR 350,000
  • Investment of at least EUR 350,000 in scientific research in Portugal
  • Investment of at least EUR 250,000 in Portuguese arts, culture and heritage
  • Investment of at least EUR 500,000 in small and medium businesses in Portugal.

General requirement

Investments maintained for a minimum of 5 years. 

In addition to this, applicants need to show commitment to maintain their investment for a minimum of five years, plus evidence of their investment, for example:

  • a bank statement for financial investment
  • employment contracts for job creation
  • deeds of purchase for real estate investment.

Portuguese Golden Residency Permit – Documents & requirements

Along with the Portuguese golden visa application, applicants need to submit the following documents:

  • Passport or valid travel ID;
  • Proof of legal entry into Portugal (eg. Schengen short-stay visa);
  • Proof of health insurance (issued within the last three months);
  • Criminal record certificate from country of origin/residence (issued within the last three months);
  • Evidence of compliance with tax and Social Security obligations;
  • Receipt of payment of the Portuguese golden visa fees.

Processing time for a Portuguese golden visa is typically several months. Once a Portuguese golden visa has been processed, the SEF contacts the applicant (or their legal representatives) to set up an appointment.


How do I renew the resident permit?

To renew a Portuguese golden visa, applicants may be asked to additionally provide evidence that they have complied with the minimum stay requirements during the period. 

What is the process regarding family reunion?

The family reunion is quite simple and it applied directly to spouse and under age children (under 18 years of age - Minors or children who are under guardianship of the couple or of one of the spouses. Minors adopted by an unmarried applicant, by a married applicant or by the spouse, children who are of age and of whom the couple or one of the spouses is in charge, that attend a teaching institution.). 

There is no limitation of family members. 

Where to submit the application for the Golden Resident Permit in Portugal?

The application is submitted with a Power of Attorney on behalf of the investor at the Immigration Services in Portugal.

What are the requirements in regard to the stay in Portugal for the Temporary Visa?

The requirement to be in Portugal for investors is 7 days in the first year and 14 days in the following periods of 2 years. Permanent residency has different time requirements.

What are the requirements for the staying in Portugal for the Permanent Residency?

Holders of Permanent Residency titles should not be away from the country for more than 24 months in a row or 30 alternate months within a period of 3 years. Please note that there is an exception to these time requirements, which can be used if the investor needs to be away for longer periods of time due to business reasons.

Is there a mandatory period the applicant needs to spend in Portugal when they have their Permanent Residency? 

After get the permanent residency they cannot be away from Portugal for more than 2 years in a row or 30 non-consecutive months within a period of 3 years.

How long will be the process for the renewal of the Resident Permit? Does the applicant need to go to Portugal for it?

The renewal process it will take around 60 days. The Investor will need to come here after the renewal has been approved to obtain is new residency permit.

Is there a language requirement test for Naturalization?

Yes, currently, Permanent Residency and Passport requires approval in a language test in Portuguese.

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