Guide: Obtaining Work Permit in Cyprus


This guide addresses the obtaining of work permit for non-EU Nationals seeking to be employed by companies of foreign interests as well as non-EU nationals looking to be employed at any company in Cyprus. 

Companies of Foreign interests 

All companies of foreign interests need to fulfil certain requirements in order to obtain the approval of the Civil Registry and Migration Department and be able to employ Non-Eu citizens. A recommendation for the employment of aliens is done by the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance after it and is satisfied that there is no availability of adequately qualified Cypriots. 


1. The shareholders’ majority of the company are foreigners, not Cypriots. 

2. The amount of €170,860 should be presented in the case that the 50% or less of the company’s share capital is held by foreigners.

3. Applications of companies which provide only services and invest capitals at least the amount of €170.860 are being examined considering the fact that their line of business might not require a higher investment of capital.

4. New companies should present banking and other documents in order to prove direct foreign capital investment which amounts at least to €170.860 and that the share capital is legally established in Cyprus.

5. All interested companies should operate in independent offices in Cyprus which are situated in proper spaces and not as part of a private residency or office (unless the rent is jointly). If the line of business allows the employment of individuals at home, these cases are examined individually.


Companies of foreign interests may employ nationals from third countries to the following positions:

1. Senior Directors

2. Directors, Senior Executives and Other Staff

3. Supporting Staff

Any company

All interested companies must obtain the approval by the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance in order to be able to proceed with the employment of a Non-EU individual. In order to achieve this, an application along with the required documents should be sent to the District Office of Labour.

If the remuneration of the individual is less than €35.000, the following are required:

1. An application for vacancies to the District Office of Labour

2. Publication of the vacancy to either 3 newspapers for 1 day or to 1 newspaper for 3 days and if there are no available Cypriots or EU citizens within 6 weeks, the interested employer may proceed with the application to the District Office of Labour

3. Certificate of Directors and Certificate of Shareholders of the company

4. Memorandum and Articles of Association showing the line of business of the company

5. Social Insurance receipt of the employer and Social Insurance receipts for all employees 

6. Curriculum Vitae and any other qualifications of the foreigner

7. Passport copy of the foreigner and passport copy of the directors of the company (employer)

8. Employer’s Insurance liability

9. VAT and Income Tax of the employer

10. Letter requesting the employment of the non-EU individual and describing the nature of the employment 

If approved by the District Office of Labour, the application will be stamped and sent together with all the documents to the Department of Labour for further approval.

On the other hand, if the remuneration of the individual exceeds the €35.000 the procedure is the following:

1. The application is done directly to the Department of Labour (there is no application for vacancies)

2. All required documents are the same as per the above for individuals with remuneration less than €35.000 and are provided directly to the Department of Labour

Entry Permit

In order for a foreigner to be able to work in the Republic of Cyprus, one must also obtain entry permit.


The following information are needed in order to obtain entry permit:

1. Valid Passport copy of the foreigner

2. Original clear criminal record of the foreigner

3. Original medical examinations validated by the foreigner’s country authorities which concern AIDS, syphilis, hepatitis B and C and tuberculosis

4. Curriculum vitae

5. Completed MGEN form

6. Original guarantee letter by the employer for any repatriation expenses valid for one year exceeding the employment contract

7. Authorization of remittance payment (IBAN, FIMAS)

8. Employment Contract duly sealed by the Department of Labour and duly stamped

9. Letter by the Department of Labour which refers to the number of individuals by which the employer may employ as well as the foreigners’ expertise.

10. Declaration by the employer which refers to the number of foreigner employees and the number of foreigner employees that disappeared or requested political asylum the last 3 years, duly certified by the Community Commander of his/her parish.

11. Declaration by the employer that there are available adequate premises that the foreigner will stay in and which is duly certified by the Community Commander or a relevant confirmation letter from the Private Labour Office which represents the employer

12. Receipt of the fee payment

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