Kazakhstan: 2020 Quota Applications Due July 31

At a Glance

Employers must submit their applications for quota numbers to sponsor foreign workers in 2020 by July 31, 2019. Employers should start preparing supporting quota application documents.

The situation

Employers must submit applications for quota numbers to sponsor foreign workers in 2020 by July 31, 2019.

A closer look

  • Application process. Employers must file quota applications with the Department of Labor Office in the local region where the foreign national will be working. Applications cannot be changed or corrected once filed.
  • Information required. The application must outline the reason for the need for foreign workers and the number of foreign workers the employer expects to sponsor throughout 2020. The application must include both initial applications and renewals and must detail the position of each foreign worker. Applications must be filed on a standard form and must meet strict requirements.
  • Filing deadline. While applications must officially be filed by July 31, 2019, it is advisable to file before July 29 at the latest. Some regional authorities will accept applications two to three business days before the deadline.


Employers can only sponsor initial and renewal applications for work permits in 2020 in accordance with the numbers and positions specified in the quota application.

Employers that do not follow the correct quota application procedure or do not file on time may receive reduced quota numbers.

Employers are advised to start preparing support documents and to contact their immigration professional for support with their regional quota application.


Sponsoring a foreign worker is generally more difficult, and for some regions impossible, if the employer has not filed a quota request in the previous year.

The quota application procedure changed considerably over 2017 and authorities are still extremely strict in reviewing applications.

The Ministry of Labor sets a general annual national quota based on the combined approval numbers. This national quota is then allocated among the regions and broken down by economic activity. In 2019, the quota amount is 48,794, whereas in 2018 it was 39,771. This increase over time was likely the result of a more regulated quota application process, which caused a greater need for foreign labor.

Looking ahead

Quota applications will be processed and approved by the responsible Committee within the regional Department of Labor Office. The 2020 quota numbers will be determined in January 2020. An increase in the quota amount may be expected due to the growing need for foreign workers because of the improving economy in Kazakhstan.

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