Modern jadeites identification

Buyers of jadeite should be sure that it is a natural, primary color and is a high grade jadeite (Type A) when purchasing.

Type B and C jadeite is considered inferior and without value for collections.

Buyers of jadeite should always request sellers to provide documentation or certificates by the Hong Kong or national statutory jade accreditation bodies when purchasing. Buyers can also request sellers to send it to the above-mentioned entities for identification to ensure it is a natural jadeite.

Type of Jadeite

Type A – Natural Fei Cui

Natural Fei Cui is totally free from chemical treatment and foreign bodies.

It is subject to the following polishing process only: Using a lye solution and sour plum pulp to cleanse the stains left on the Fei Cui during the course of manufacturing and polishing with colourless wax to enhance its lustre and smoothness.

Type B – Chemically treated and resin impregnated Fei Cui

Strong acid is employed to bleach the Fei Cui and to remove impurities. Then resin is impregnated to enhance the transparency of the stone. However, texture of the Fei Cui will be damaged during this process. When the resin goes over a certain period of time, the texture will loosen and the luster will eventually lose. Moreover, this kind of Fei Cui cannot withstand heat and pressure like natural Fei Cui.

Type C – Dyed colour Fei Cui

This type is referred to the kind of Fei Cui that has been treated with dyes to improve the intensity of its colour.

Type B+C

Chemically treated, resin impregnated and dyed colour Fei Cui.

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