Rwanda to improve grain quality with $300,000 storage facility

Rwanda is prepared to improve grain quality and recover from the post-harvest losses it has been facing over the past few years with the construction of grain storage facility. The country has counted over 30 per cent post-harvest losses due to poor storage that has indirectly affected the quality of their crops and propelled food insecurity issues in the country.

The profits of the farmers have been cut short with the same challenge, which has demoralized their status in the individual and corporate level. The government has been left scratching its head on how to make the mountain plain as it seeks to feed its citizens and harness some revenue from the exportation of the crop produce.

The launch of drying facility will boost the quality as well, and hope to reward the efforts of the farmers in the long-term. With such new measures, the farmers will have a smile on the face as they strive to attain and maintain the market standards for a competitive economy. The post-harvest losses have had a terrible impact on majority of suppliers bringing the capacity to sell more to a stand-still.

One of the most affected crops was maize, which has a high demand in the East African region. A number of countries suffered in 2017 with prolonged drought and inadequate rainfall playing a part. However, poor handling techniques furthered up the catastrophe for both farmers and government.

Farmers can now focus on obtaining quality seeds, and fertilizers from their pockets and not worry on the storage facility that would be extortionate on their end. They will be able to promote food security in good time and ensure they save enough from a robust income. The facility will improve both the quality and quantity of their produce.

The budget for the facility is around $300,000 that will be sponsored by UN World Food Programme and Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).

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