Tourism Experts Discuss Indonesia’s Untapped Attractions

Unravelling the tourism potentials available in Indonesia, a team of international leaders and experts have discussed the future strategies that will help to attract more tourists to the Asian country, famous for its marine and beach resources.

Tourism and travel executives and experts held the Webinar Summit on June 30, from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta with several participants across the world invited to discuss and share their views on how to expose and market more of Indonesia’s untapped tourism potential to the world.

Bearing a theme of “Indonesia the Untapped Destination, Discover the Undiscovered, International Summit with Leaders and Experts”, the virtual discussions have attracted several participants who shared their views on the best options needed in order to attract more visitors to Indonesia.

Among the key personalities who shared views during the exciting Friday webinar discussion, was Dr. Taleb Rifai, former Secretary General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) who said that Indonesia is a very attractive tourist destination but is not seen enough as such.

Dr. Rifai told the Webinar participants that culture is a very important area or segment in Indonesia’s tourism development which needs marketing and promotion at the global travel and tourism arena.

He said that China and Japan are the key major markets for Indonesia to attract, banking on its diverse tourism potentials.

Another tourism and travel expert Mr. Peter Semone, the Chairman of the Pacific Asia Travel Association said that Indonesia can use then apply new plans that would create more opportunities to attract more tourists.

Professor of the Tourism Management Sustainability Research Centre of Australia, Noel Scott, wanted more skills development in the coastal and marine tourism for the Indonesia’s tourism development, marketing and promotion strategies.

Professor Scott shared his views that skills and experience with the application of soft infrastructure would unravel more, the Indonesia’s untapped and undiscovered tourist potentials.

Mr. Didien Junaedi, the Chief Strategic Advisor Ministry of Tourism and Economic Creative RI in Indonesia said that complex and dynamic steps are needed to develop tourism in Indonesia.

He noted that international travel and tourism events including boat cruising, music, domestic and international events, service diversification and quality and environmentally satisfaction tourism were crucial for creating sustainable tourism that would create business and jobs.

Other key steps that could attract more tourists to visit Indonesia are digital transformation, tourism village development and international events including Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE).

Dr. Gusti Kade Sutawa, President of Nawa Cita Pariwisata Indonesia viewed the need for sustainable tourism development in Indonesia that would focus at Cultural Tourism and Arts, Archaeological sites, Architecture, Music and Entertainments.

Other key targets including the recruiting of international experts to offer their experience in tourism management, promotion of agricultural based tourism, rivers and seas and development of Cultural Tourism as an icon for Indonesia’s future tourism.

The other expert, Mr. Alexander Nayoan from the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Indonesia viewed the marine and coastal tourism, domestic tourism, luxury tourism and new hotels development as important steps that would raise Indonesia’s untapped tourism potentials.

The experts and speakers viewed domestic, cultural and rural tourism as key priority for the integrated development of Indonesian tourism. They rated Indonesia as a country with the Fourth (4th) largest population after America, China and India.

Indonesia is a “Sleeping giant of Rural Tourism” which can have more than enough great opportunities for success in the tourism business, they said.

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