Jesse T H Chang

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Jesse T H Chang (Founder & CEO)

Jesse has been advising clients for over 39 years as a lawyer and also as a banker for both Chinese inbound and outbound investments. Jesse is the Managing Partner of TransAsia Lawyers and the founder of its Outbound Investment Practice. He also maintains overall responsibility for TransAsia’s international client base.

Driven by his passion for cross-border transactions, Jesse first began exploring the concept of CGA in early 2011. It has evolved under his guidance ever since, reflecting his years of hands-on experience. Jesse’s vision for CGA is to create a dynamic platform which will not only provide useful, relevant and up-to-date information for Chinese investors but which will also enable foreign asset owners to gain access to the China market.

Allen Cao

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Allen Cao (Consultant)

Allen is a corporate banker experienced with commercial and transactional financing in Africa and China. He is a partner of a consulting firm that advises on corporate banking, trade financing, business development, feasibility studies and relationship management. The firm specializes in advising on African projects associated with the Belt and Road Initiative. View More

Dinesh Ahluwalia

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Dinesh Ahluwalia (Consultant)

Dinesh is a Senior Advisor to Morning Harbour Investment Advisors Limited (MHIAL),  a corporate finance & advisory services company that focuses on the cross-border investment opportunities globally.  As the founder and CEO of Tribeca Internet Initiatives, Inc., he was one of the early entrepreneurs in the US that contributed to the commercialization of the Internet and had also served in different capacities at the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the State of Illinois. View More

Chris Brown

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Chris Brown (Consultant)

Chris has a master's degree from Cambridge University in Land Economy, a post-graduate diploma in Advanced Agri-Business Management (AABM) from the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) in the UK and over 18 years of experience in China and Asia Pacific. Chris' involvement with China began in 1993 when he set up joint ventures in Sichuan, Shandong and Hebei provinces. View More

Calvin Man

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Calvin Man (Consultant)

Prior to co-founding BMS Advisory, Calvin spent eight years with HSBC, latterly based in Shanghai as Head of International Business and leading the team providing banking solutions to the China subsidiaries of over 3,200 multinational clients. He previously worked in HSBC's M&A Advisory group in London, leading deal teams and advising clients on takeovers, bid defence, acquisitions, disposals and capital raising. Calvin has also worked at Bridgewell, Rothschild and on secondment to the M&A/Strategy team of a UK-listed Industrials group. He started his professional life as an Officer in the British Army.

Guido Wolf

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Guido Wolf (Consultant)

Guido is responsible for new investments and joint ventures at RAZ Group, a private equity investment group in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), with holdings in retail, real estate, energy, and financial services. Since 2003, members of RAZ Group have repeatedly won EUROMONEY Awards for Investment Services. View More

Chris Fraser OBE

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Chris Fraser OBE (Consultant)

Chris Fraser OBE has, as a Foreign Direct Investment Professional, worked in the China market since the early 80s when his then UK based Inward Investment Agency signed one of the first economic cooperation agreements with the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

Jim James

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Jim James (Consultant)

Jim has enjoyed a life of adventure and entrepreneurial venture in Asia since 1995. Originally he moved to Singapore to start EASTWEST Public Relations, and the firm still exists today with offices in Singapore, India, and China. The Agency provides communications counsel to clients so that they can get noticed across traditional and digital media channels. Jim brings practical experience from providing expertise to over 400 clients for public relations via his Agency, but has learnt firsthand what clients will need and what works via his involvement in a number of enterprises and organisations in his 20-year tenure in Asia. View More

Dr. Stanley Ko

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Dr. Stanley Ko (Consultant)

Dr. Stanley Ko is Founder and President of Albarka Africa Investments (Pty) Ltd, an Africa-focused organisation that supports developmental phase of projects in mining, manufacturing industries and agriculture. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Dr. Ko has worked in varied industries such as agriculture commodities, mining, cement industry, construction chemicals, forest and plywood industry, strategic international trading and logistics.  He has extensive experience in large-scale project conception, project financing, project implementation, M&A, post-acquisition integration, and strategic international trading. View More

Steven Olsen

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Steven Olsen (Consultant)

Mr. Steven Olsen has over 20 years’ experience in the resources industry. Mr. Olsen works principally as a geologist and has experience in the discovery and delineation of Mineral Deposits covering the commodities of copper, nickel, gold and silver throughout Australia and Canada. View More

Sheung Tung

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Sheung Tung (Consultant)

strong knowledge on PRC government policy and practice relating to tourism, medical care and commercial business;

25 years’ experience with international tourism management and 15 years with charter flight operations;

launched Beijing-Saipan, Shanghai-Saipan, Beijing-Guam, and Bejing-Boracay travel routes; first person to innovate and implement charter flight program in China;

13 years’ successful management and operations experience for high-end medical care clinic; first person in China to propose and implement medical care tourism concept;

advised and assisted Skechers to develop its brand over 10 years in China; opened and assisted with the operations of over 500 (50 of which were the result of her personal efforts) stores and franchisees in North China;

excellent connections and resources with Chinese government regulatory agencies responsible for travels , airlines and health.View More

Cindy Lu

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Cindy Lu (Director)

Cindy is a founding member of the CGA team, and a key member of TransAsia Lawyers’ Outbound Investment team with experience in the energy, minerals & resources, media, real estate, infrastructure and agribusiness sectors. Through this work, Cindy has travelled to many countries, providing her with invaluable practical knowledge of the intricacies of cross-border transactions and conducting business among various cultures. Cindy is responsible for CGA’s website content and product, and is an active member of the marketing and offline consulting teams.

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