China Steel Construction Society

China Steel Construction Society (CSCS) established in June, 1984, is a national professional organization of economy and technology having the status of a legal person which is composed of enterprises and undertakings from the Chinese steel construction field. It is made up by scientists, engineering experts and enterpriser on a voluntary basis. There are more than 1500 group members in the CSCS, which are organizations of design, research, manufacture, erection, iron and steel works etc. They are under more than 10 ministries, commissions and corporations of metallurgy, construction petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, shipping, electric power, communications, aviation etc.

Introduction of Steel Construction

Steel Construction started publication in 1986. It is the only comprehensive scientific journal in the field of steel construction in China, which features guidance, innovation, system and practicability. It is directed by China Steel Construction Society, sponsored by the Central Research Institute of Building and Construction of MCC Group. Steel Construction has the following major columns: tall steel structures; spatial steel structures; lightweight steel structures; steel housing buildings; steel-concrete composite constructions; steel structures for bridges; special steel structures; steels for constructions; structural analysis and calculation; reform and extension techniques for steel structures; protection of steel structures; standards and codes; technical lectures; international exchanges; software field and window of enterprises. Steel Construction is a member of China Journals Square, the National Double Effect Journals; and also of the Excellent Scientific Periodicals of National Metallurgical Profession; as well as one of the sources of Composite Evaluation Database of Chinese Academic Periodical, which is fully-contained in “China Journal Net” and “China Academic Journal (CD). Steel Construction also undertakes advertisements with simple formality and rational price.