ANU College of Business and Economics

The Australian National University (ANU) is recognised as one of the world's leading research intensive centres of higher learning.

The ANU is Australia’s leading university and has the unique mission of addressing issues of national and international importance.  Within the College of Business and Economics, we take that mission very seriously.

Our focus is on educating the next generation of leaders. Through their studies, our graduates gain the knowledge and skills to lead organizations, develop public policy, create new companies and undertake research. Our goal is to provide a strong foundation for exceptional lives of service and personal success.

The College of Business and Economics offers degrees in accounting, actuarial studies, business information systems, economics, finance, management, and statistics.

Our alumni may be found in the world’s leading companies, policy agencies and universities.

We are at the forefront of global thinking on major issues relating to wealth and well-being, strong organizations and transformative innovation.

Our capital city location means that world leaders in many fields are frequent visitors to the ANU. They contribute to our lecture programs and research, and add further richness to the College experience. Our students and staff interact with senior government officials, and lead and contribute to public debates on the critical issues of our time.

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