Biogenesis Bagó S.A

Biogénesis Bagó is an international biotechnology company specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing veterinary products and services to improve livestock health and productivity. The company has been doing business for more than 80 years and its work is oriented towards the specific needs of the Food Production Animal sector. It is one of the main suppliers of vaccination plans to fight, control and eradicate FMD in Latin America (LATAM), as a result of its efforts to develop and invest in technology. Biogénesis Bagó was chosen by Animal Pharm, the leading online service for animal health business intelligence, as the winner of The Animal Pharm Award for Best Company in Latin & South America in the Year 2014 and recently in 2016 for its background, efforts to develop overseas business and work in the sanitary protection of the region. In 2016, we started a new era in the internationalization of our technology, launching a new manufacturing plant in China in conjunction with HILE Biotechnology for the exclusive production of a vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease.

Services Covered

Biogénesis Bagó investigates, develops and commercializes biotechnological products and veterinary services that provide effective solutions to key diseases that impact animal health and herd productivity around the world.


Garín, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Carlos Esteban Turic (Corporate Innovation & Asia Business Director)
(8621) 58818131
Contact via CGA (Andrea Gottschalk)

Tel: +86 10 6505 8370