China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.

CGA Partner (SMEs)

The leading bank supporting non-state owned enterprises to “Go Abroad”

We have

  • Over 7 years business history in helping Chinese non-state owned enterprises to “Go Abroad”
  • “Go-abroad” specialized capital guarantee of up to US$10 billion
  • Professional, highly efficient and high-quality service team
  • Numerous external industry specialists and ‘Think Tank”’s support
  • International service platform and network
  • Over 50 successful cases on different projects

1. Foreign investment Financing

We support

  • A wide range of financial plans for foreign investment, including Foreign Investment Loan, Project Financing and Syndicated Loan
  • A wide range of financial service for foreign investment, covering Merges & Acquisitions Financing, Mineral & Energy Investment, Privatization and de-listing, Investment in Plant Construction, Agricultural Investment, Real Estate Investment and Brand & Channel Acquisitions

Notable Facts:

  • Our service footprint covers: America, Australia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Russia, Laos, South Africa, Canada and Kazakhstan

Classic Cases:

  • Case 1: Iron-ore project financing in Indonesia, financing in the amount of US$169 million
  • Case 2: Coking-coal-mine M&A project in Canada, financing in the amount of US$400 million
  • Case 3: Investment project of German Culture Exchange Centre, financing in the amount of €20 million
  • Case 4: Syndicated project on a famous leading media corporation’s privatization, financing in the amount of US$1.58 billion
  • Case 5: Privatization project of a network enterprise, financing in the amount of US$250 million
  • Case 6: Investment project of a photovoltaic power plant in Italy, financing in the amount of US$ 45 million
  • Case 7: Investment project of oil block in Kazakhstan, financing in the amount of US$240 million
  • Case 8: Large Iron-ore mines M&A project in Australia, financing in the amount of US$195 million
  • Case 9: Investment project of gold mines in Australia, financing in the amount of $40 million
  • Case 10: Investment and development project of manganese mines in South Africa, financing in the amount of $200 million

2. EPC Financing

We provide

  • Financial service support in a large number of types of projects, covering Power Plant, Road Construction, Oil Exploration Outsourcing, Real Estate and Sewage Treatment and so forth
  • A wide range of financial service support, including Export Buyer's Credit,Export Seller’s Credit, Receivables Buyout, Forfaiting and Guarantees under each Engineering Project

Notable Facts:

  • Our service footprints cover: Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Russia, Uganda andKenya, throughout Asia, Africa and Europe

Classic Cases:

  • Case 1: A non-state owned enterprise’s investment project in photovoltaic power station in Italy, financing in the amount ofUS$42 million
  • Case 2: A geological engineering enterprise’s investment project in Sewage treatment in Iraq,financing in the amount ofUS$20 million
  • Case 3: A petroleum equipment manufacturer’s export buyer’s credit, financing in the amount ofUS$43 million
  • Case 4: A real estate development project in Singapore, financing in the amount of RMB300 million
  • Case 5: A road construction project in Kenya, financing in the amount ofRMB500 million
  • Case 6: A road construction project in Uganda, financing in the amount of US$20 million

3. Shipping Financing

We have

  • Over 7 years shipping financing experience, establishing our own brand of “Professional Shipping Financing Bank”

We support

  • Nearly 10 ship types, primarily focusing on Bulk Carriers of 30,000 – 80,000 tonnes, Ocean Engineering Freighters, Special Freighters and Deep-Sea Fishing Boats

We provide

  • Our shipping financing services include: Buyer’s Credit, Seller’s Credit and Refund Guarantee

Notable Facts:

  • As of end 2012, we have provided financial supports for nearly a hundred of ships, with an accumulative volume of approximately 7 million dead-weight tonnes

Classic Cases:

  • Case 1: A shipyard exporting a floating LNG gasified & liquefied storing device project, financing US$241 million
  • Case 2: A single-vessel company, the subsidiaryof a shipping enterprise, purchasing 2 Cape-of-Good-Hope bulk carriers and 6 Panamax bulk carriers – export buyer’s credit, financing US$208 million

4. Commodities financing

  • Solution Provider

As a professional bank featuring commodities business, we lay much emphasis on continued innovation on products and operation model. We are knowledgeable in providing multiple product patterns, with increasing focus on industry characteristics, in order to be more in line with enterprises’ actual needs. In addition, we provide comprehensive hedging solutions to manage FX and interest rate risks, by means of a number of financial products such as x-Border Renminbi, structured FX forward and Offshore Financing, considering satisfying clients’ needs as well as reducing the financial cost.

  • Resource Integrator

“Financing Capital, Financing Materials, Financing Intelligence and Financing Resources”. Minsheng Bank takes advantage of its commodity customer resource and professional experience to integrate capital flow, logistics as well as credit, in the meantime, to re-allocate capital, products, solutions and channels to achieve maximum efficiency. On the platform of bank, we deliver Trade-Financing Services in the industrial chain and integrated services of production information and trading channels to our customers.

CFM (“Commodity Finance Manager”) is Minsheng Bank’s established commodity financial service brand, implying we have upgraded commodity into financial product. Minsheng Bank has been transforming from a traditional simple financing provider into integrated manager, managing financial product and operating financial business. Along with this brand, our commodity business makes trading structure and financing structure integrated, makes commodity and finance integrated, makes financing and investment integrated, as well as makes resource acquisition, raw materials purchase and commodity trade integrated so as to deliver value-added all-round services to our customers.

Classic Cases:

  • Case 1: An Aluminum-Ingot financial product pre-payment project, financing in the amount of RMB500 million
  • Case 2: An Electrolytic Copper export financial product pre-payment project, financing in the amount of US$120 million

5. Import credit

  • We provide financial support to Chinese enterprises who import significant technical equipment and product which are encouraged by Chinese government by means of Import Credit Fixed Asset Loan and Import Credit Floating Asset Loan. Business scope covers:
  • Largeclean and multiple utilization of resources equipment
  • Industrial wastewater, sewage runoffand sludge treatment equipment
  • Large construction machinery and infrastructure equipment
  • Large, sophisticated and high-speed numerical control equipment, numerical control system, functional component, feature control and basic production equipment
  • Large power group, large pollution-free highly-efficient power generation equipment (i.e. large hydro power generator, high-powered wind power generator and equipment, MSW incinerator power generator and equipment, super-voltage andextra-high-voltage power transmission & transformation equipment
  • Large petrochemical equipment
  • Large coal-chemical industrial equipment
  • Large coal and strip mine equipment
  • Large metallurgical equipment
  • Large marine and ocean engineering equipment
  • Large airport dedicated equipment

For the product or equipment which is not mentioned within the above scope, we also provide you with financial solutions if the product is exempt for import tariffs and value-added tax.

Minsheng Bank Goes Abroad Together with Non-State Owned Enterprises!

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

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