China Oceanwide Holdings Group

China Oceanwide Holdings Group was founded in 1985 by Mr. Lu Zhiqiang, the founder, legal representative, Communist Party secretary, chairman and president of the group.

Group company was registered in State Administration for Industry &Commerce, with a registered capital of more than 6 billion Yuan. After more than 20 years' growth and development, China Oceanwide has been equipped with comprehensive competitiveness and a diversified business structure that is dominated by its financial business and reinforced by its operation and involvement in real estate, energy, culture and media, and strategic investment, forming a unique corporation culture and management mode in the meantime. More than 40 companies, affiliations of the group, are operating in such major Chinese cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, and Qingdao, as well as in other regions and countries such as Hong Kong, the United States, Australia and Indonesia.

At the same time of enterprise development, China Oceanwide Holdings Group and chairman Lu Zhiqiang are adhering to the core values of 'from the society, for the society', actively engaged in social public welfare charity, which has obtained widespread praise from the party, the government and the society. Both China Oceanwide Holdings Group and its subsidiary companies, as well as Lu Zhiqiang, have been honored with such reputable titles or awards as the 'Guangcai Program Medal' by the ACFIC and the China Glory Society(CGS), the 'People Never Forget Award' by the ACFIC, the 'Credible Tax Payer of the Country' by the State Administration of Taxation and the ACFIC, the 'Outstanding Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics' jointly by the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the State Administration for Industry&Commerce and the ACFIC. The 'Most Charitable Individual Award' under the 2008 China Charity Award, 'National Earthquake Relief Model 2010', the 'People's Social Responsibility Award 2010' , 'Jilin Charity Award 2010' , the 'Most Charitable Enterprise' by 6th China Charity Award, 'China's Top Ten Charity Enterprise Award 2011' and other honors. Chairman Lu Zhiqiang was awarded as the 'Most Respected Person 'by the Hurun Baifu Report 2012 in 2012,the 'Corporate Social Responsibility Outstanding Entrepreneur 2012' by, the Group was awarded as 'China's Top Ten Charity Enterprise Award 2012', the 'A-Class Tax Payer', 'Most Respected Person' by the Hurun Baifu Report 2012, the 'Corporate Social Responsibility Outstanding Entrepreneur 2012' by, the 'A-Class Tax Payer Award' for its second cumulative time, the 'Most Charitable Enterprise' by 8th China Charity Award and so on.

The Chairman’s Profile

Mr. Lu Zhiqiang is the founder, legal representative, Communist Party secretary, chairman of the Group, who also serves as a member of the standing committee of the 12th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, vice president of the China Chamber of Commerce, deputy chairman of the Oceanwide Foundation, deputy chairman of the China Foundation for Guangcai Program, vice chairman of the Chinese Art and Literature Foundation, and deputy chairman of China Minsheng Bank etc.




China Oceanwide has made major investments in such sectors as banking, securities, trust, futures, insurance, pawnbroking, and insurance brokerage etc. The major financial institutions controlled by the company include Minsheng Securities Co. Ltd., China Minsheng Trust Co. Ltd., Minsheng Futures Co. Ltd., Beijing Minsheng Pawnbroking Co. Ltd., and Minsheng Insurance Brokerage Co. Ltd., while the company also has non-controlling interests in other financial institutions including China Minsheng Banking Co. Ltd., Guangxi Beibu Gulf Bank Co. Ltd. etc. Guided by its next five-year development strategy, China Oceanwide will strive to build a flagship in its financial industry through continuous innovation and integration of various financial resources.

Minsheng Securities Co. Ltd.

Minsheng Securities Co. Ltd. was founded in 1986, with a registered capital of 2.177 billion yuan. As a national comprehensive securities company, it has set up 44 securities business sites, among which five are located in Beijing, three in Shenzhen, two in Shanghai, fifteen in Henan Province. Its branches are widely spread in Shanghai, Guangdong Province, Henan Province, Shandong Province, Shenzhen and Nanjing.China Oceanwide is the largest shareholder of Minsheng Securities.

China Minsheng Trust Co. Ltd.

China Minsheng Trust Co. Ltd. (financial license code: K0084H111000001), with a registered capital of 1 billion Yuan, is a national non-banking financial institution engaged in trust business under the direct supervision of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC). The predecessor of the company was China International Travel Trust and Investment Co. Ltd, who obtained the approval document ([2012] No. 485) issued by the CBRC for its restructuring, share transfer, and other related matters in September 2012.China Oceanwide is the controlling shareholder of China Minsheng Trust, holding 69.3% of its outstanding shares.

China Minsheng Bank Co. Ltd.

Initiated by a group of private Chinese companies, China Minsheng Bank Co. Ltd (A share code: 600016, H share code: 01988, abbreviated as Minsheng Bank) is the first joint-stock commercial bank operating nationwide. Its business has been expanded with steady growth year by year since its foundation, meanwhile maintaining a sound asset quality.

Beijing Minsheng Pawnbroking Co. Ltd.

Beijing Minsheng Pawnbroking Co. Ltd, founded in January 2003, is a professional company providing financial services for small and medium-sized firms and individuals, and also a vice president of the Beijing Pawn Association. It has gradually expanded its business since its foundation, maintaining a sound asset quality while providing good financing services for small and medium-sized companies.China Oceanwide and Oceanwide Energy Investment Co. Ltd. jointly hold 100% shares of Beijing Minsheng Pawnbroking.

Minsheng Insurance Brokerage Co. Ltd.

Minsheng Insurance Brokerage Co.,Ltd was founded in April 2002, approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. It belongs to one of the earliest established national insurance brokerage companies, with a registered capital of 50 million Yuan. Its business scope covers drafting insurance plans for the insured, choosing insurers, handling insurance procedures throughout the country (except Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan), assisting in making claims for insurant or beneficiaries, conducting reinsurance business, providing disaster, loss and risk assessment for principals and risk management consultation service, etc.

China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co.,Ltd and its controlled subsidiary jointly hold 100% shares of the Minsheng Insurance Brokerage.

Real Estate

“Creating a New Urban Life” is the core development philosophy of Oceanwide in its real estate business. Oceanwide Estate Group Co. Ltd. (Oceanwide Estate) is a listed public company (stock code: 000046, stock name: Oceanwide Estate), and the basic platform and industrial flagship of China Oceanwide in its real estate development and operation., Oceanwide Estate has set up 17 subsidiaries developing estate projects in such primary cities as Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Dalian, and Shenyang, enjoying the land reserves with a developable area of over 12 million square meters, most of which are located in the prime areas of cities with the advantage of large scale developing. In 2012, its total area under construction was 3.385 million square meters, among which the newly constructed reached 500,000 square meters.

Minsheng Financial Center

Minsheng Financial Center is located in the world-famous Chang’an East Avenue, a junction area with the Jianguomen business district to the east and the Wangfujing commercial district to the west. The 5A-class high-end office building is directly held by China Oceanwide, surrounded by many state ministries and large financial institutions.

Minsheng Financial Center is a multi-functional modern intelligent building, which mainly functions as office, as well as business, fitness, catering, exhibition and so on, with the total land area of 45,000 square meters and floor area of about 250,000 square meters. As the highest building on Chang’an Avenue, this building has a landscape square of 20,000 square meters, which offers an elegant environment and a broad perspective. Minsheng Financial Center is composed of five independent towers including A, B, C, D, and E, among which the Tower C as the center is surrounded by the other four towers. The building adopts a four-direction structure, thus to highlight the elegant and magnificent style. In Tower A, B, D, and E, all the lobby ceilings are 9 meters high, and the net height of each standard floor is about 2.62 meters. However, the ceiling height is 13 meters in Tower C, with an 86-meter high daylighting atrium above the fourth-floor. All these make this building a distinctive architecture in Asia.

By the end of 2012, the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, China Orient Asset, State Grid, Minmetals International Trust, Xi’an International Trust, Minsheng Securities, Industrial Bank, Sun Life &Everbright Life, Bank of Ningbo had settled in Minsheng Financial Center. The overall rental area for office had reached 166,001.67 square meters, an occupancy rate of 99.66%. The rental area for retail had reached 20,655.95 square meters, an occupancy rate of 74.48%.

Oceanwide International Residential District

Oceanwide International Residential District is adjacent to three international business districts - the Beijing CBD, Lidu, and Yansha, as well as the third embassy area. Its total planning area is about 330 hectares, half of which is used for green belt, while the total floor space is about 2.6 million square meters. The Sports Landscape Park, stretching from east to west, is located in the north, which together with the Chaoyang Park offers a natural green belt for the District.

Oceanwide International Residential District is divided into four functional areas, including international high-quality residential area, international commercial and cultural center, international trade expo center, and international business garden. It integrates such functions as the high-end residence, commerce, exhibition, culture and education, fashion, business, entertainment, sports and leisure. Such four functional areas are both respectively independent and interrelated. The commerce, business, sports and leisure, and education areas are capable of not only meeting consumers’ demands in the residential areas, but also forming a new center of culture, commerce, business, entertainment, leisure and service in the eastern urban of Beijing.

The first stage of the project has been sold out and put into use. The No.1 lot in the second stage is mainly used for the held property. It will be a new comprehensive landmark in the city. This super high-rise building complex is planned to mainly provide offices, hotels, and high-end apartments, supplemented by retail, entertainment, catering, and supermarkets. Now the prior approval procedures, project design, and preliminary planning have been conducted.

The No.2 and No.3 lots are used for the developing property, targeted to be a quality residence model, which is planned to build high-end residences, commercial facilities and so on. The project was partially started at the end of 2010, and the roof sealing of some buildings has already been completed. The construction of the No.4 lot has begun since early 2011.

Oceanwide International Residential District will hopefully become a commercialized quality architecture model in Beijing real estate industry as its second stage begins gradually.

Wuhan Center

Wuhan Center is located at the southwest corner of the Fortune Central Business District, covering about 2.81 hectares, with the total floor area of 321,400 square meters. The building is 438-meter high with 88 floors. As a landmark, it is a 5A-class international commerce complex which integrates smart offices, global conference centers, serviced VIP apartments, platinum five-star hotels, panoramic viewing platform, international high-end shopping mall and other multi-functional facilities. The center matches the requirements of a modern service center in central China and shows the local economic and cultural trends and the geomorphologic features of Wuhan.

Wuhan Oceanwide International Residential District

Yinghai Park in Oceanwide International Residential District is the first large-scale high-end residential project in Wuhan CBD. The net land area of the project reaches 58,600 square meters, and the total floor area is 284,000 square meters with 53.45% for greenbelt. The estimated total investment is 1.606 billion yuan. The first stage of the project was completed and accepted in September 2011, and the delivery was continuously carried out at the end of 2011. Its second stage was also completed in December 2012.

Xianghai Park and Lanhai Park in Oceanwide International Residential District belong to the top international residences in the CBD’s core. These two projects occupy 42,600 square meters of land, of which the total floor area is 228,400 square meters with a floor area ratio of 4.5. Both projects have been under construction since September 6, 2010.

Wuhan Oceanwide International SOHO City

Wuhan Oceanwide International SOHO City is located in the core of the business district, close to the high-end Oceanwide International Residential District. It serves as an all-round international commerce complex which integrates the SOHO office buildings, 5A office buildings, high-end apartments, hotels, serviced apartments, and retail. The total floor area is about 610,000 square meters, composed of six 100-meter high-rises and two 150-meter super high-rises. The project has been under construction since October, 2010, among which three buildings of the first stage were completed at the end of 2012.

Shanghai Oceanwide International Apartment

Oceanwide International Apartment is located at Dongjiadu, Huangpu District, Shanghai, which hasLaoximen and Bansong Park residential area to its west and south respectively. Its northern area neighbors the old urban special area which is under planning, and the comprehensive area in the central business district. Its eastern part is adjacent to the Huangpu River, and faces the Lujiazui financial and commercial district across the river. This area has obvious regional advantage because the Nanpu Bridge, the river tunnel, Metro Line 9 connects both sides of Huangpu River. This location is surrounded by many well-known commercial and landscape resources including the Bund, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Yuyuan Commercial Tourism Area and so forth. The concept of “Close-to-Water”, meaning developing projects near the Huangpu River, is always one of the most attractive and most valuable elements among all natural resources.

Oceanwide International Apartment covers Dongjiadu No. 10, 12, and 14 lots, located to the east of Zhonghua Road, south of Zixia Road, west of Wangjiazuijiao Street, and north of Wangjiamatou Street. The project occupies the land of about 120,000 square meters and its total floor area is nearly 560,000 square meters. The overground area is 396,730 square meters including residential floor area of 302,955 square meters, retail area of 51,851 square meters, serviced apartments of 39, 224 square meters. This project is equipped with large-scale integrated shopping center and large-scale landscape greenbelt which is open to the public, making it a quality, intelligent, and environment-friendly integrated community.

Hangzhou Oceanwide City Plaza

Oceanwide City Plaza is located in the core area of Qianjiang New City, the east end of West Lake - Qianjiang rapid landscape corridor, west of Qiantang Riverside, covering beautiful ecological landscapes such as the Qiantang River, Forest Park and Urban Viewing Balcony, etc. Its northern part neighbors the city axis, Wave Culture City and Hangzhou International Conference Center.

The planning land area of the project is 43,000 square meters, with the total floor area of 320,000 square meters. It is composed of luxury five-star hotels, high-rise intelligent office buildings and Oceanwide SOHO centers. By 2012, Oceanwide International Center, a high-rise intelligent office building in the Oceanwide City Garden, had been completed and accepted. Oceanwide SOHO Center and Oceanwide International Hotel are under construction.

Shandong Chamber of Commerce Building

The Shandong Chamber of Commerce Building is located at the No.51 Wei’er Road in Jinan, Shandong Province. It has a convenient transportation with the Dawei’er Road on its east and Grand View Garden Core Business Circles on its north. The 130 meters high building occupies 5,564.1 square meters of land, and its total floor area is about 82,000 square meters. Designed by American LTC Design Company, the building combines ancient style with modern quality. This 5A office building is completely used for renting and offers offices, financial institutions, catering and entertainment.

By the end of 2012, many well-known enterprises have settled in the Shandong Chamber of Commerce Building, such as the Bank of Shanghai, NCI, TBEA, China Resources Land, Sanofi, Germany MAN Group and so forth.

Shenzhen Oceanwide Lafite Garden

Shenzhen Oceanwide Lafite Garden is located in Qianhai area, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, covering nearly 80,000 square meters with about 268,700 square meters total floor area. It is a comprehensive project including residential area, retail area, office buildings, commercial apartments and kindergartens.

The first stage of the project is located on the south of the Moon Bay Avenue, Qianhai Area and the north of the Qianhai Road, occupying about 32,100 square meters of land with about 68,900 square meters floor area. The residential floor area is about 46,000 square meters, composed of 5 multi-story villas and 3 high-rise buildings. On December 29, 2009, the main part of the project passed the construction completion and acceptance, and the participating procedures for potential owners began on May 29, 2010.

The second stage is located on southeast of Qianhai Road in the Qianhai Area, and on northeast of Xinghai Avenue. It covers an area of about 24,000 square meters, with a floor area of about 80,000 square meters. The residential floor area reaches approximately 52,000 square meters, which is composed of two 16-floor and three 15-floor high-rise buildings with residences, retail districts, and community facilities. It is positioned as a modern fashionable high-end residential area. This stage has begun to provide participating procedures for potential dwellers since June 30, 2012.

The third stage is located to the south of the second one, covering a land area of 24,780 square meters. It aims to provide high standard A-class office buildings, apartments and commercial plaza. The floor area amounts to 122,457 square meters, the construction of which has been launched since September 28, 2012.


The energy industry is a new field invested by China Oceanwide, who has made the decision based on the company’s strategy and the national energy strategy. Currently, the key investments of China Oceanwide in this industry include such companies and projects as Oceanwide Energy Investment Holdings Co. Ltd, the Shanxi Hongdunjie Coalmine Project,the Baotou “Coal-methanol-olefin” integration project, the New Energy Phoenix (Tengzhou) energy project and so on.

Cultural Media

Based on its own industrial layout China Oceanwide considers the culture & media industry as a new investing field in response to the Chinese national program to boost cultural industry. China Oceanwide has invested in the projects and companies in the culture & media industry including Beijing JingguanXincheng Advertising Co. Ltd, and the Qin Culture Tourist Area – International Tourism Holiday Resort and so on.


China Oceanwide has placed its major strategic investments in the following companies and projects: Legend Holdings Co. Ltd, Minsheng Investment Management Holdings Co. Ltd, CITIC Mianyang High-Technology City Industrial Investment Fund, Shanghai Financial Development Fund, the Australian Copper Project, and the Changbai Mountain International Tourism Resort Project etc.

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This report is the fourth social responsibility report published by China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd., which reveals its CSR performance in terms of economy, society, environment, employees, etc. in 2012. The Board of Directors of China Oceanwide hereby certifies that all information included in this report is accurate and authentic.


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