Cities of Love Foundation

"Cities of Love" is a franchise of collective motion pictures which started with "Paris, je t'aime", and "New York, I Love You".

It is today a global Initiative whose mission is to build "the communities of the people who love their city". Our model allows the development of fertile media ecosystems in cities around the world. It opens a new path for content producers and empowers them to create an unlimited variety of content, away from the norms of the traditional film and media industries.

We are media innovators who develop new models for producers who aspire to create positive content that reconnect people with their culture, with others, with nature and with their primary environment: cities.

We share our know-how and encourage more operators to be part of an evolution that will give them freedom, access to a mass audience in their city, social impact and relevance, as well as new and sustainable financial perspectives.

Awards & Honors

Paris, Je t’aime as Un Certain Regard Section Opening film of Cannes Film Festival  2006


Shanghai, China

Emmanuel Benbihy, Producer Yunling Zhou, Producer

Emmanuel Benbihy:+86 186 0210 0248Yunling Zhou:+86 138 1669 2925
Contact via CGA (Andrea Gottschalk)

Tel: +86 10 6505 8370