Companate is a team of experienced lawyers, accountants and business consultants united by the clear objective of helping businesses and individuals fully benefit from the attractive legal, tax and financial infrastructures of Bulgaria and Cyprus.

Members of our senior team share decades of experience in law and business among them; as part of top-tier firms as well as independent consultants. Now they’ve put together a team to enable ambitious businesses and individuals across the globe to get access to two of the most attractive European markets. The wide range of skills, across corporate tax, commercial and immigration law, banking and finance, allows us to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions for businesses as well as individuals.

At the core of our capabilities, is the thorough in-depth understanding of the markets we help our clients operate in - Bulgaria and Cyprus. Here at Companate, we also continuously develop and widen our network of partnerships with European businesses and legal institutions to constantly broaden the scope of our knowledge and capabilities.

If you’re looking to expand your business into the EU market or obtain a European citizenship, the Companate team will support you with the best-in-class legal and financial advice as well as in-depth knowledge of the local business environments.


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Our Team

Stefan Trendafilov LL.M., MCIArb, Managing Partner, Experienced Legal Professional

Martin Sirakov LL.B.,Partner, Experienced Legal Professiona

Angel Dimitrov Partner, Business Consultant


Sofia, Bulgaria

Stefan Trendafilov LL.M., MCIArb - Managing Partner
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