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Eagle Pathways’ team of US university alumni, former admissions interviewers and industry experts guide our clients on admissions trends, what admissions officers look for, key preparation tips, and how to navigate an increasingly complex [and dynamic] admissions process.

Eagle Pathways is an elite American education consultancy, with its headquarters in Silicon Valley that works with families across China and the US to plan the educational futures of their children. Eagle Pathways has a proven record as a leader in counselling students in the US for university admissions and in China. Eagle Pathways offers our families an end-to-end , seamless source for all admissions needs.

Our Eagle team of graduates from the best universities and experts is proud of its record ensuring that students receive the personalized help and attention they need to be successful in the application process, in university and in life. We truly understand the American system and provide true cross-pacific support. The US Department of Commerce recognizes us as a top American education consulting company.

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End-to-End education services for our students and families; including, university counseling, interview training and preparation, enrichment programs, summer cultural exchange and academic programs.


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Feng AoCEO, Eagle Pathways China

John JacksonPartner US Operations


Shenzhen, China, Hong Kong, San Jose, CA, Seattle Washington, and New York, NY

Feng Ao (CEO, Eagle Pathways China)


John Jackson (Partner US Operations)

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