EGATESA, a family company founded in 1982, was created with the mission of meeting the demand for meat on the Canary Islands in terms of quality, flavour, naturalness and reliability. One of our objectives is to meet distribution deadlines set with each client, something we can guarantee as a result of proximity, the great logistics system and the speed of our service.

Following the consolidation of the business and a long process of growth and expansion, EGATESA is now one of the largest meat companies in the archipelago.

As the leading meat wholesalers on the Canary Islands, we continue to focus our efforts on on-going improvements to the production system and quality management. It is our drive for constant improvement that enables us to continue offering you the best product at very competitive prices.

Our values and our drive for constant improvement have seen us modernise and evolve based on the aim of the internationalisation of our products.

As a result of the constant progress and growth of EGATESA over the years, we are putting in place a policy of effective expansion that will enable us to take our range of products to various countries in Europe, Asia and west Africa.

In this regard, our position in Tenerife is of vital importance.  With its favourable location (1,000 kilometres from Europe and 100 kilometres from Africa), the Canary Islands is an intercontinental platform that allows us to grow internationally. It is a strategic enclave between Europe, Africa and America that, with modern maritime and air infrastructure, is integrated into the main international trade routes.

The satisfaction of clients and consumers, both on the Canary Islands and elsewhere, is the main objective set out in our plan for international growth and expansion.


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Camino de la Cañada, 1738290 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Juan Antonio Pelayo
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