Five Blocks

Five Blocks was founded in Israel in 2003 by Sam Michelson. During its early years, the company focused on five areas or ‘blocks’ of digital marketing: E-commerce, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Digital Public Affairs, and Reputation Management. In late 2007, the company began focusing primarily on digital reputation management for individuals and corporations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people and brands to transform the way they are perceived when searched online. We are instrumental in helping brands utilize various digital tools to ensure that online searches relating to their brand and key executives yield the impact they want. Ultimately, we ensure that searchers get an impression that supports our clients’ goals.

Our Team

With offices in New York and Jerusalem and clients on 5 continents, we have developed the industry’s most experienced and professional team. Our team is made up of hands-on client managers, technology developers, researchers and writers. In addition, we work in partnership with some of the world’s most prestigious PR, crisis management, and media groups to create and execute high-stakes digital reputation management programs and address specific challenges.

Our Clients

  • Major B2B and consumer brands and industrial groups
  • High net-worth individuals and executives
  • Leading hedge funds, private equity funds and other financial services companies
  • Government agencies, municipalities, departments of tourism
  • Politicians, lobbyists and special interest groups

Our Philosophy: A Smart, Persistent Effort

To create the desired result, we employ a long-term approach that combines the use of proprietary system-based intelligence gathering, data mining and monitoring techniques, with live monitoring performed by skilled professionals.

Rather than focusing on removing negative search result, we focus on increasing visibility of positive content, bolstering the sites, content, and media that should ideally make up the brand’s online reputation. We work with clients, their webmasters, and their communication teams to optimize existing and new content, displacing results that harm their reputation. In fact, the smart brand-oriented content that we create as part of this process, such as “owned” web properties, positive news coverage, enhanced video and other media, etc., works to enhance our clients’ reputation.

Five Blocks Arsenal

Our core strengths are an insider’s understanding of how search engines work and a broad, evolving range of tactics, including:

  • Promotion of existing positive press and analyst coverage via tactics aimed at increasing the popularity of “good” web pages and sites
  • Weakening of unfavorable and irrelevant search results via tactics aimed at weakening the links and associations between negative websites and selected keywords
  • Construction and enhancement of relevant Wikipedia pages (within Wikipedia’s terms of service) with the goal of establishing a balanced, authoritative baseline
  • Creation and optimization of “owned” (client-controlled) content and positive ‘earned’ media results
  • Identification and promotion of optimal third-party content, including the media and blogs of the opinion leaders most likely to rank well
  • Mitigation of ‘headline risk’ through ongoing, real-time analysis of Google trends and customized branding recommendations
  • Active monitoring of client search terms in both search and Wikipedia

Quantifiable Results

We are proud of the documented results that we achieve for our clients. Working with us you can achieve the following:

  • You will be presented a rich set of results that will present your firm, its executives, and your interest areas in the best possible light. For example, for a country’s tourism search, results will include favorable press coverage, recent positive high-profile news pieces, and relevant favorable blog coverage from influencers.
  • Your corporate website will appear more prominently in relevant searches
  • The search profiles of the key executives related to your firm will be improved and monitored on an ongoing basis
  • Our team will work with you to develop and promote favorable digital content that will support and help protect your reputation
  • We will continuously monitor your online presence to identify threats in a timely manner and develop strategies for neutralizing them quickly
  • In addition, we provide clients with a comprehensive online image consulting service, including:
    • A thorough competitive analysis of the online presence of your peers and recommendations for actionable steps to match or exceed them
    • Recommended steps to protect your brand from future unfavorable coverage
    • Identification of new opportunities for the brand and creation of effective strategies

For more information and a free initial consultation please contact:

Sam Michelson (CEO/Founder) +1.646.801.8669

Aaron Friedman (Director of Innovation) +1.847.877.8517

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