Fook Wing Tong Jade & Treasure Limited

Fook Wing Tong Jade & Treasure Limited can trace its origins to 1927 when Mr. Chow Chi Yuen founded Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company. Over the course of two generations, the Chow family has amassed one of the region's largest collections of Heritage Jadeite.

Comprised of the highest quality Grade A Natural Fei Cui Jadeite, the Heritage Jadeite has been designated 'The Eternal Collection of Fei Cui Gang Yu.’ Specialists have classified a number of master-pieces within the collection as appropriate for permanent exhibit within the National Museum of China. Fook Wing Tong also custom designs modern jadeite and has introduced unique crossover designs with Heritage Jadeite.

In addition to Jadeite, Fook Wing Tong carries memorabilia specific to the China Space program. This includes the 'Shenzhou 1' Cabin Collectible Series that were launched into orbit as part of China’s first space launch with the Shenzhou 1. Each individual item is certificated with a unique number and market globally.

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