Haras Firmamento

Haras Firmamento is the fifth global producer of race horses. Located in the privileged South American region, it enjoys a climate and composition that allows to raise an outstanding racehorse breed that shows worldwide respect and admiration.

Haras Firmamento is the winner of the last thirteen national statistic, and has become a paradise of winner horserace horses. It is surrounded by 1000 hectares of green fields with small hills full with pine trees with hares and birds abound.

This ideal zone for raze, with perfect climate and fertile lands is situated in Sierra de los Padres, 140 km south of Buenos Aires City.

With grate effort, passion and commitment, Juan Carlos Bagó, its owner, turned its hobby into a registered and prestigious trade mark.

From its earliest days, Haras Firmamento has bread outstanding race horses such as Kalidoscópio, the first winner of Grupo 1, and Kaltrue, the foal that made history for being the first to reach the higher level with its own jacket.

Its sustained growth and recognized quality is the result of heterogeneous teamwork, an effective sanitary control and the valuable genetic and technological renewal.

All this years of hard work can be seen in the successful performance of Firmamento’s horseraces in any hippodrome across the world.

Awards & Honors

Haras Firmamento won Carlos Pellegrini Award, CRIADOR DEL AÑO 2016. (2017-04-18).

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