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Since 2012 Hunan Weizhun has been developing fire extinguisher bombs and filed a series of patents. Led by Chairman Zeng Shaowen, the company was officially incorporated in 2018 with a team of 30+ R&D professionals.

Weizhun is based in Liuyang, Hunan province which is best known for its firecracker industry dating back to some 2,000 years ago. We have now incorporated modern technology into our firecracker tradition and produced an extraordinary firefighting product – the fire extinguisher bomb.

Our proprietary, safe and eco-friendly extinguisher bombs can be used against fires in mountains, forests, grasslands and high-rises.

1. Product Introduction

In 2014 we filed more than 20 national patents relating to the creativity and practicality of our fire extinguisher bomb (FEB), a product of 9-year intensive R&D which are now under the umbrella of China’s National Intellectual Property Administration. Making breakthroughs innovatively and eco-friendly, the FEB employs novel power materials, ultrafine ABC dry powder extinguishing agent and recyclable paper for a special procedure for which we formed our unique workmanship and management. Putting safety first, our FEBs can be hurled distantly from and effectively contain the fire. Our FEBs come in:

  • 3 types by usage: by hand, aircraft or ejector;
  • 5 types by powder weight: 750, 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10000; and
  • 3 types by ignition: self-ignited, ring pulled or induced (by temperature, smoke and flame).

2. Application Circumstances

Our FEB can be used in mountains, forests, grasslands and urban buildings. It works particularly well for difficult-to-approach high-rises, electrically charged equipment, explosive-laden power plant transformer oil pit, fuel depots, oilfields, gas stations and chemical plants as well as households.

3. Product Specifications & Highlights

Our products are able to put out Class A fires that originate from ordinarily solid combustibles and Class B fires that originate from flammable liquids.

The FEB can be projected from a distance to keep the user away from the fire, smoke, hypoxia and explosions that may cause casualties.

Eco-friendly: pyrotechnic agent in the FEB has a stable PH value of 6 to 7 which reaches the safety performance PH value of between 5 and 9 and thus will not ignite spontaneously under low/high temperature and humid conditions, and will not rekindle.

Unlike extinguishers with a metal container for filling powder, the product shell is made from recycled paper which is degradable after the FEB bursts. The dry powder filled in the product is ammonium phosphate, a fertilizer that is safe and environmentally friendly, non-pollutant and harmless to humans and animals.

A cavity of the product is filled with ultrafine dry powder fire extinguishing agent, which has no ozone depletion potential, no greenhouse effect potential, no irritation to the human skin and respiratory tract as well as no corrosion to protective substances (i.e. toxic and hazard free). Residues are easily cleanable after the fire has been extinguished and can thus be widely used in various production and living scenarios to extinguish fires of Classes A, B, and C and fires of live electrical equipment.

Portable: distinguished from usual fire hydrants, the FEB is light, small and easy to carry, with no high pressure formed within the fire-resistant paper material container.

Easy to use: pop out the ring, pull it and then hurl the FEB. It is easy to use at sparsely populated areas such as mountains, forests and grassland.

Flexible projection: the FEB can be hurled by hand, dropped by aircraft or projected by ejector. It works better at large burning areas and high-rises.

Effective: the FEB is projected into the fire and quickly douses and insulates it.

Reliable: the safe ignition fuse, according to the national standard GB 19595-2004 Standards for Fireworks and Firecrackers Ignition Fuse, is made as time-delay ignition fuse which can accurately controls the burst time of the product within 4 to 7 seconds. The FEB quickly douses the fire and thereby avoids injuring humans and animals.

4. Credentials

EU Type-Examination Certificate
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Test Reports
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Provincial technical accreditation
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5. Videos

About Weizhun’s Fire Extinguisher Bomb – Video 1

About Weizhun’s Fire Extinguisher Bomb – Video 2

CCTV Special Report – Video 3

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Beijing Weizhun (Hunan) Research Experiment

UAV Fire Bombing Exercise

Weizhun – Fight Bushfire

About Weizhun’s Fire Extinguisher Bomb – Video 5

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World Joy International Live Fire Extinguishing Drill

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Liuyang, Hunan

Shuhua, Zhang (Deputy GM)
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