InvestChile is the government agency responsible for promoting Chile in the global market as a destination for foreign direct investment, serving as a bridge between the interests of overseas investors and the business opportunities the country offers and providing world-class services that are in line with the country’s economic development policies.

The agency implements all types of initiatives whose purpose is to publicize, promote, coordinate and implement actions that seek to foster the entry of foreign direct investment (FDI) into Chile.

InvestChile provides general information about Chile, its economic and social environment, its legal framework and its policies on foreign investment, offering specific information about how to start a business as well as the procedures and regulation with which all investors must comply in order to bring FDI into the country.

InvestChile publishes regular reports about Chile’s business climate as well as about specific investment opportunities in both public and private projects.

You may use this Investor Assistance Form with information about your interest in investing in Chile and help it to offer you personalized assistance and prepare a specific program of support for your project.


Highway 5: Talca-Chillán segment (2nd tender)

ChileInfrastructureLogistics & TransportationPower/Utilities
Improvement of 193 km of Highway 5, with expansion of capacity (third lanes) in the areas around the cities of Talca...

Villarrica Road in Chile

ChileInfrastructureLogistics & TransportationPower/Utilities
Expansion to two lanes in each direction of Road 199-CH in the Freire-Villarrica segment, with a length of 48.3 km,...

Chile丨Hospital tenders envisaged for 2019

Hospital tenders envisaged for 2019 in Chile

Highway 5: Temuco-Río Bueno segment (2nd tender) + access road to...

ChileInfrastructureLogistics & TransportationPower/Utilities
Improvement of a segment of Highway 5 South, with expansion to third lanes at specific points, repair of existing...

Zapallar Reservoir in Chile

Located in the Ñuble Region, this project consists of a concrete face rockfill dam (CFRD), with a concrete slurry...

Highway 68: Santiago-Valparaíso-Viña del Mar (2nd tender)

ChileInfrastructureLogistics & TransportationPower/Utilities
Third lanes between the exit from Casablanca and the Zapata Tunnel, between Peñuelas and junction to Viña del M...

Northern access to Concepción (2nd tender)

ChileInfrastructureLogistics & TransportationPower/Utilities
Improvement of 75 km of trunk road. Includes expansion of the road platform, repair of the existing surfacing,...

Catemu Reservoir in Chile

Located in the Valparaíso Region, this project consists in the construction of a principal wall of the concrete face...

Coquimbo-La Serena Tram in Chile

ChileInfrastructureLogistics & TransportationPower/Utilities
Construction and operation of a tram to connect the neighboring cities of Coquimbo and La Serena, along an exclusive...


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