Ipsos Business Consulting

Ipsos is ranked third in the global research industry, with a strong presence in 87 countries and a staff of 16,000 employees.

Ipsos Business Consulting is the specialist global business unit of Ipsos that is focused on strategic consulting. With over 20 years of experience and consulting hubs in 5 continents, Ipsos Business Consulting assists clients in more than 100 countries.  Ipsos Business Consulting works with a wide variety of multinational, regional and local clients as they seek to Build, Compete and Grow in both developed and emerging markets.

Solutions Overview

We work with your company by supporting you every step of the way as you begin to build, compete, and grow in various markets around the world.

In the volatile world of business, your company may have to make decisions under pressure using data that may not be accurate or is suspect, at best. We have a team of dedicated professionals striving to provide you with fact-based consulting which will consist of accurate, up to the minute data to improve your designated market understanding before committing to a major business decision.

This process involves areas such as business strategy, top line and bottom line growth, and differentiation. These are effectively supported by our solutions including:

  • Business Unit Strategy
  • Competitive Insights
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Innovation Scouting
  • Sales & Marketing

Our History

We are a global research firm that helps leading corporations build, compete, and grow using fact-based consulting. Since 1994, Ipsos has had a team of professional business consultants leading businesses in different sectors such as agribusiness, automotive, construction, energy, healthcare, industrial, and many other sectors.

We have developed a reputation of being an innovative firm that leads with direct, straight-forward consulting that serves for the greater good of organisations worldwide. We have fulfilled projects for global clients in a wide range of industries in more than 90 countries. We continue to utilise our sales and marketing expertise, accumulated over 20 years to help our clients to secure great results!

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