LAFA Legal Services

LAFA Legal Services is a Chinese company created with Latin American funds located in Beijing.  Our company is known for its unique and professional approach when engaging legal advice and business opportunities in China and LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean).

Our members are fluent in the languages spoken at the main investors’ countries and most of them have worked and studied in different jurisdictions, achieving the technical and business expertise necessary to understand the industry and the economics of the transaction involved. Our Latin American team draws on the extensive resources of the company’s international reach, working together seamlessly from LAFA’s offices around the globe and within multiple areas of the company’s practice.

Our members are trained and accustomed to negotiate on behalf of their clients. Their capacity to understand the different cultural, working and business patterns of the parties involved in an international transaction is one of their main assets, a key feature in the efficient and expedient implementation of the client's objectives.  Our extensive global networks and our attorneys’ international experience help us expand our international reach while also affording our clients access to top counsel in other markets.

LAFA Legal Services moreover assists its clients in designing the best strategy when negotiating deals, engineering the most convenient legal structure and implementing the transaction in an expedient and efficient manner. This helps companies to ensure that potential problems are handled timely and effectively by their management, insuring its clients that their companies’ problems are handled in the most cost-effective and confidential manner. Furthermore, we pay careful consideration to conflict of interest and confidentiality issues, foreign corrupt practices regulations and international billing practices, for the security of its clients.

LAFA Legal Services therefore meets the criteria required by today’s business environment by providing an expedient, practical but secure and solid problem solving legal advice as well as the cross-cultural and legal experience required for international transactions in a global economy. We are committed to providing high quality legal services and to developing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

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  • Contracts
  • Intellectual Property Issues
  • Interpretation and visit to Exhibitions in China
  • Tax and Accounting
  • Strategy and commercial promption
  • Advice on Arbitration and Judicial disputes

Case Studies

Our main commitment is to provide our clients with an integral, loyal, adequate and effective assistance in their landing in China and Latin America, helping them achieve their objectives and successfully resolve their legal disputes and commercial transactions. Providing a quality and accessible service, based on the interests of our customers, is our highest priority.

Strategy and commercial promotion:

We advise clients regarding the legal and regulatory landscape, helping them harness opportunities and mitigate the risks in conducting global business.

Arbitration and Judicial disputes:

LAFA Legal Services encompasses a wide range of areas of expertise, where the main goal is to resolve current and potential judicial disputes which affect our clients in all jurisdictions.

Intellectual Property:

Our company provides a comprehensive service covering searching, filing, prosecution, registration and protection of IP rights including patents, industrial designs, trademarks, copyrights, origin denomination, and plant varieties.

Tax and Accounting:

Our practice extends to all sort of national, provincial and municipal taxes, including: Corporate and personal income tax, Property tax, Value added tax, Dividend tax, Capital gains tax, Stamp tax and Foreign remittances tax

Contract Law:

At LAFA Legal Services, we concentrate our business & corporate legal practice on complex business transactions that frequently include an international component.

Interpretation and visit to Exhibitions in China:

The visit to exhibitions is essential to developing a business properly. This allows the customer to know suppliers, factories, qualities and make contacts. LAFA offers the service to accompany these events with an interpreter or if you prefer with one of our partners who will guide you and even support you in meetings with companies that are of interest, including the Canton Fair. Knowing your suppliers or future allies is a smart way and ensures greater success with your business in China.

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Our Team

Andrea Mena Lawyer-Magister in Chinese Civil and Commercial Law

Sonia Arias Gutierrez Lawyer-Civil Law

Xiao Wang Accountant-Tax and Legal Counsel

Joaquin Gallego Lawyer-Magister in Chinese Civil and Commercial Law


No.50 Building 1, 7th floor. Wangjing West Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing China

Andrea Mena, Lawyer
+86 13146784461
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