Metis Global Awareness Network

Metis Global Awareness Network, Accredited Observer to the UNFCCC is specialized in:

1. environmental awareness,

2. sustainable development global models design, and

3. professional re-training in sustainable development framework. Its projects are already promoted by the UNFCCC and UNSDGs seeking for investors. Metis has developed a series of conceptual breakthroughs integrated in the projects / investment opportunities.

Metis Global Awareness Network (Accredited Observer to the UNFCCC) is seeking collaboration for Sustainable Development Holistic Accelerator; the project is composed of 2 sub-projects: EcoVirtuaLands Integrated implementation covering 8 of the 17 goals (promoted by UNSDGs) to be mainly materialized next to UNESCO World Heritage properties, and Global Health Training, Awareness & Communication Platform (originally named Social Matrix Revealed promoted by UNFCCC) with a 500+ item syllabus to be disseminated as an exponential organisation.

In case the proposal would be evaluated as interesting we are open to discuss it from scratch; it has already been presented to China live and via video conference. Video; ppt presentation; Updated concept note. We are expecting feedback from China to present it during the UNESCO Biodiversity Conference in Kunming (Autumn 2021).

Metis Global Strategic Position in the fields of sustainability is featured in the relevant attached document you are invited to browse (some links are not functional due to web address constant changes); Metis has been present in various ways in almost all core events during the last 20 years. Its accumulated experience has been focused in developing Sustainable Development models for tangible implementation and professional re-training for all with health and safety material recently included; projects are scalable and incorporate exponential organization’s features.

Representative Transactions / Clients


Case Studies

Case study 1: Uganda, Kampala's EcoVirtuaLand

Case study 2: Nepal, Katmandu, Nepal Sustainable Holistic Development infrastructure project map draft


Elisabet Sahtouris, evolution biologist, futurist, speaker, author and sustainability consultant;;

Millis Panos, Owner, CTO at Smart;

Hari Politopoulos, B.Sc, M.Sc (Econ), London, former UN & EU expert;

Contargyris Thanos Entrepreneur, R&D strategic planning & eLearning expert, Eur. Commission;

Ricos Thanopoulos, Ph.D., AUA, agronomist Crop landraces expert;

Henrik von Scheel, Father of the Digital Agenda | Leading authority in competitiveness | Google | INSEAD;

Olivera Z. Mijuskovic, Member of UNESCO World Heritage Center; A.S.A.M. University, Rome, Italy;

Charvat Karel, at Czech Centre for Science & Society Wireless Info Charles Univ. Prague Global Geo-Informatics network;

Dimoliatis Ioanis, MD, MPH UK, Social Medicine specialist, Medical School Assistant Professor at University of Ioannina;

George Cambourakis Dr nOne Communication Acoustics journalism, electrical engineer, lecturer & senator of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA);

Marios Nottas European Communication Institute;

Andreas Andreopoulos M.Ed. • Sustainable Holistic Development Global expert  • Ecological Civilization Chief;

Storyteller • Analyst of applications of communication  • Certified Innovation Consultant • UNESCO Task Force;

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Athens, Greece

Andreas Andreopoulos (Founding President)
Contact via CGA (Cindy)