We are a Law Firm specialized in legal and economic advice since more than 25 years. We have an experienced team that deals with international business and investments as well as issues related with Golden Visa, International Agreements or Real Estate Investments. We also work in different fields likes Labor Law, Commercial an Civil Law and European Law. Mitjans Advocats works with Law Firms around Europe, China or India. Our challenge is to find a better solution to each issue.


  • Civil

The civil law department is essential in all non-specialised law firms. It is a crucial department in ours as well, especially since we deal not only with large accounts but also “retail” customers. One of our goals is actually offering legal services that are accessible to citizens and their real problems.

Another top goal for us is to convince customers that our law firm provides a security net for their day-to-day business inasmuch as it is used to prevent and not palliate problems, since many current disputes can be resolved by the appointed lawyer proposed by our firm.

  • Administrative

Our professionals specialized in Administrative Law have extensive experience in the Law Offices of governments and public bodies, enabling us to offer legal services leveraging in-depth knowledge of different subjects in this area.

  • Labour

We offer innovative solutions to the many work situations encountered by both employers and workers. Our efforts have been crucial in dealing with strategic and complex points in corporate restructuring and labour-related litigation. We offer comprehensive solutions.

  • Digital

Thanks to our extensive experience in consulting and legal audit projects for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, we can offer individuals, businesses, foundations, associations and public bodies a complete range of services pursuant to digital law needs and requirements.

  • Trade / Bankruptcy

Our firm has been contracted by major accounts for the preventive defence of their businesses. Our motto (“abogacía de proximidad” or “legal services on your doorstep”) stresses how we focus on avoiding, as much as possible, the pathological situations in companies which sometimes become irreversible or inflict elevated financial and/or human costs.

Our firm also specializes in handling current or impending insolvencies (prevention of future lack of corporate leeway), managing bankruptcy proceedings (natural or legal person) and specifically in safeguarding personal assets (Second Chance Act).

  • Investment and Business

Our firm does not solely provide legal and economic advice to our customers, but also covers other areas or investor-profile customer needs.

We are aware that often clients request information about business lines where they can get the most benefit or profitability, so in our office we provide professionals specializing in investments that will inform and advise them on business and investment opportunities that offer the best return on their money, while in turn enjoying tax advantages.


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