New Voyage Energy Partners

New Voyage Energy Partners is a professional business development and partnering company focused on helping our partners and clients expand and grow through collaborative development opportunities in new markets and geographic regions. We provide a full suite of business and financial consulting services to the oil and gas industry with special focus on cross borders transactions and the offshore oil and gas industry.

Our services are mainly focused on three areas:

Collaborative and Cross Borders Development:

  • We help our clients identify key players in cross border markets and create mutual interests and collaboration prospects. Collaboration could be structured as framework agreements, project specific joint bidding, or formal partnerships and JVs. Where appropriate, we assist clients in approaching possible companies as acquisition targets.
  • We bring deep industry knowledge, market intelligence, and local relationships to create entry strategies and take actions to achieve our clients’ goals. We prepare regional marketing plans and materials to complement their strategies.
  • We represent our clients in partnering and collaborating meetings, industry conferences and tradeshows, business development and commercial efforts, and local relationships.
  • In cases of joint bidding for specific projects, we assist clients to develop bidding strategy, division of scope and prepare commercial proposals. If needed we can also help clients to arrange third party or ECA financing.

Investment Opportunity Sourcing and Transaction Support

  • We help our clients source and evaluate investment opportunities in the energy sector including potential development projects, EPC projects, and company and asset acquisitions.
  • We help our clients conduct acquisitions and divestitures of assets and operating business units. Transaction support services include structuring, financial modeling, economic evaluations, due diligence, and returns analysis. As needed, we assist in arranging project financing and equity capital.
  • We assist decision making through preparation of presentations to management teams and Boards and facilitate discussions of transactions through the lens of achieving clients’ goals and objectives.
  • We help prepare and negotiate agreements and contracts between our client and prospective seller/buyer and partners. These agreements can include LOI, MOU, collaboration agreement, debt agreements, purchase and sales agreement, and JV agreements.

Business, Management and Financial Consulting

  • We provide business consulting in the areas of business development, strategy, market and industry intelligence, competitor analysis, and organizational structure.
  • We help our clients establish the necessary planning, budgeting, financial analysis and reporting structures in partnerships and joint ventures.
  • We provide hands-on guidance and advisory through Board-level interaction and participation.

It is our Vision is to create collaboration and investment opportunities for energy services providers, leading to new market entry and expansion.


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