Quilt AI Pte. Ltd.

Quilt AI is a Singapore based consumer insights platform that uses machine learning and cultural models to process and decode consumer insights at scale. Quilt.AI’s combination of AI + Human Insights has received multiple accolades by clients and publications such as the Economist. One of the key advantages that Quilt.AI has over other research agencies and social listening platforms is its ability to capture and process consumer searches - Search gives Quilt.AI insights into motivations, aspirations, and anxieties of customers as opposed to the curated responses that you typically see on social media or even during a focus group or survey.

The work that Quilt.AI has done in the insights space includes identifying Nodal influencers, the semiotics of post-COVID communications, predicting trends that are likely to go viral, market sizing through consumer searches, and Brand Equity/Authenticity models based on Consumer Sentiment. All of this takes place based on analyzing millions of data points comprising Image, Video, and Text. Quilt.AI’s clients include Google, Amazon, Sennheiser, J&J, Unilever, Target, and the Gates Foundation.

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Case Studies


1. Covid related Project:  Quilt AI was commissioned to shed light on the effects of different phases of lockdown on consumer sentiment and behavior in Oral & Personal care, Health & Hygiene and Nature & Sustainability across 11 US states.

2. A client wanted to understand the semiotics of categories and products to design a new product in oral and personal care and Quilt conducted a study to understand the various cultural codes of health and how these codes manifest in oral and personal care and delivered the following:

  • A “semiotic map” of the cultural code of health as perceived by Gen Z and Millenials
  • An overlay on that map of the various brands within personal care and oral care - to understand who is leveraging which code
  • A design brief that helps Client X understand which semiotic principles (images, languages and shapes) to leverage going forward

Fintech / NBFC:

1. Quilt performed a profiling of potential customers for India's most diversified NBFC.

2. A study on female financial literacy.


1. Understanding Thoughts and Emotions of Adolescents in Washington DC before and during Covid-19.

2. A study to understand the differences between employed and unemployed female audience segments in lower socio-economic classes and a comparison of their perception of health and wellness.

Online Streaming / Television:

1. The client wished to understand content trends in India to get a sense of what kind of content is engaging and Quilt performed a trend analysis.


1. Consumer Expectations and pain points in eCommerce with a focus on COVID-19.

2. One of India's largest Ecommerce platforms wanted to know where its next 100 million customers were going to come from and what their thoughts and inhibitions about making online. purchases and Quilt did a thorough profiling of consumers, their demands and also compared brand recall with the platform's competitors and suggested convincing ways of converting browsers to customers.

Cause based:

1. Using Big Data and Semiotics to understand Air Pollution in Maharashtra and build resonant political narratives.

2. Using Big Data and Semiotics to understand Climate Change clusters in the UK.

3. Nudge: Boys Stand Up campaign which studied and influenced behavior of teenage boys in Rajasthan towards women, misogyny and sexual attitudes and behaviour.

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