The Reignwood Group is an international multi-industrial conglomerate with the ability to foresee future trends and the philosophy to lead quality of life. By investing in key industries including consumer products, modern services, general aviation, landmark buildings and clean energy, Reignwood Group has built a global luxury business and lifestyle platform and found a path for environmentally friendly and green-sustainable development. In 2015, to stay current with today's trends to be "innovative, cooperative, environmental, open and willing to share", Reignwood Group integrated all its key competitive industries under the new lifestyle umbrella to fully display Reignwood's international and diversified Healthy Lifestyle platform. Today Chinese companies like Reignwood Group are gradually gaining their leading positions in global market through better investments and operations.

Chairman's Message

Leading Reignwood to New Horizons in Sustainable Development & Profitability

Remarks by: Dr Chanchai

Chairman, Reignwood Group

Thanks to the solid support and warm following from friends and colleagues of all social circles & occupations, Reignwood Group has grown up through numerous challenges over the past twenty-plus years. Accordingly and on behalf of the Board of Directors, I am extremely honored to extend my sincere gratitude to all who have helped us get to where we are today from both at home and abroad. Let me also extend my best wishes to friends, members and to new visitors to the Reignwood website, where I hope you will take the time to learn more about our latest developments and our ever expanding vision of the future.

Over the past 2 decades, China has maintained stable policies of opening up and reform, as well as having a favorable investment environment to stimulate rapid economic growth throughout the country. In keeping with such policies, Reignwood Group has also been active and persistent in international trade and investment over the years and devoted itself to strengthen the reputation and brands associated with the Reignwood Group. A Corporate Culture deeply imprinted with Reignwood 'characteristics' has been established via an advanced healthy development concept of modern enterprise, fostering a strong sense of social responsibility and bringing forth the wisdom & hard work of everyone in the Group. Reignwood Group has achieved illustrious success in many sectors after many years of ethical work cultivation and dedication, allowing us to grow into an international group corporate today. Thus, our main businesses cover functional beverages (Red Bull), international trade, property development and management, sports, lifestyle and art & culture industries, travel and hospitality.

Furthermore, Reignwood has developedits own comprehensive 'Low-Carbon' strategy & initiative that will spearhead the company's future growth in the development of 'green' communities and eco-friendly investments. We believe that such a focus and vision bodes extremely well for our future, where we now intend to further expand our growth in the form of exciting new developments through the recent establishment of Reignwood Investments (China) Ltd., with major and diverse projects slated throughout China and in selected countries internationally.

In this regard also, we greatly appreciate your ongoing support and patronage; and in turn we promise to constantly strive to become an even stronger corporate body in the future to create a whole new 'green & sustainable' tomorrow for Reignwood.

Reignwood Four Sectors

Awards & Honors

Since the mid-1990s Reignwood Group has championed the Green movement in China. Reignwood has hosted several major conferences and forums in the region to raise awareness of the need for a cleaner environment and renewable energy solutions. The Group has also invested in the development of many green projects including the implementation of an indoor air quality monitoring and filtration systems in several of its properties and the development of the first commercial scale Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion power with Lockheed Martin, which recently won the United Nations Blue Sky Award.

Reignwood Group

  • United Nations 2014 Blue Sky Award for Renewable Ocean Energy
  • China Welfare Festival 2013 Corporate Best Practice for Public Welfare
  • CCTV 2012 Outstanding Contribution Brand
  • Chinese Brands and Communication Conference IV - 2011-2012 Influencing China International Brand
  • Chinese Brands and Communication Conference III - 2010-2011 Influencing China International Brand
  • Chinese Brands and Communication Conference II - 2010 Influencing China Low-Carbon Green Award
  • 2010 Top Ten Chinese Enterprises in Modern Service
  • Hurun 2010 Most Favorite Mainland Enterprise in China
  • Beijing Office Building Annual Ranking - 2008-2009 Annual Best Design Architecture for Reignwood Centre
  • Beijing Office Building Annual Ranking - 2008-2009 Most Innovative Office Building in Beijing for Reignwood Centre

Reignwood Pine Valley

  • Golf Masters 2011 Top One in The Top 10 Golf Clubs in China
  • Golf Masters 2011Third Place in The Top 100 Golf Course in China
  • China Times 2010 Fashion Award for Elite Lifestyle
  • Hurun 2010 Most Favorite Golf Course for Chinese Elite
  • Robb Report 2009 Best Golf Club Choice for Chinese Elite

Dr. Chanchai, Chairman of Reignwood Group

  • CCTV 2012 Great Contribution Entrepreneur
  • Hua De Most Admirable Entrepreneur Award
  • Chinese Brands and Communication Conference III - 2010-2011 Influencing China Annual Brand Leader
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