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Founded in 2014 with a professional technical R&D team, Shenzhen JUGEE Technology Co., Ltd (JUGEE) devotes itself to developing high-performance lithium-ion batteries and other related products to provide more efficient, environmentally friendly and economical battery solutions for the society.  For the first time in the world, JUGEE succeeded in bringing lithium-ion battery into rechargeable battery products that are compatible with 1.5V dry cells after completing product technical R&D of 1.5V constant voltage discharge rechargeable lithium-ion battery (JUGEE battery) with standardized product technology. By doing this, JUGEE not only initiated technology transformation and upgrading of NiMH batteries in the large-scale application, but also laid the foundation for the compatible interchangeability of built-in lithium battery products. At present, the fourth generation of No. 5, No. 7, CR123A and other type JUGEE batteries feature high security performance, more circulation times, and stable output voltage as they adopt a number of licensed patent technologies at home and abroad. Compared with similar products in the market, JUGEE batteries enjoy unparalleled advantages.

JUGEE upholds the concept of green and environmental protection and adheres to the road of development through technology and innovation. Unlike traditional dry cells, JUGEE battery can reduce environmental pollution by 99.8% and use cost by more than 93%. Thus, apart from achieving significant economic benefits, JUGEE also creates greater social value.

1. Product Introduction

The core technology of JUGEE battery is a chip-based embedded chemical power control system that combines BMS and DC-DC systems with lithium-ion batteries to provide battery charging and discharging under the control and protection of BMS and DC-DC systems, thus greatly improving the charge and discharge performance, abuse tolerance, stability, reliability and safety of the battery, and solving various damage problems existing in the traditional electrical chemical battery.

The current 1.5V constant voltage discharge rechargeable lithium battery has the following performance advantages:

  • 1.5V regulated discharge, fully compatible and better than 1.5V discharge standard, applicable to all products using 1.5V battery.
  • The discharge voltage does not decrease with the reduced electric quantity, ensuring optimal power and performance of the product.
  • All nominal electric quantity can be discharged in the voltage range above 1.1V, greatly increasing the usable rate of battery storage capacity.
  • High specific energy, e.g. No. 5 (AA) battery has achieved the world’s highest energy storage capacity of 3000mWh, and weighs only 20g.

Main Products:

JUGEE No. 5 (AA) 1.5V constant voltage rechargeable lithium battery Model: R05BP410S35-3000

JUGEE CR123A 3.0V constant voltage rechargeable lithium battery Model: RC3BP405S35-3000

2. Core Technology--Technical Highlights

Product technology and market feasibility verified: In terms of 1.5V constant voltage discharge, high usable electric energy, fast charging speed, body charging indication, supporting on-demand charging, supporting old and new battery mixing, as well as overcharge protection, forced discharge protection, charge discharge temperature protection and a series of functions and performance beyond the existing products, it has been widely recognized and praised by consumers at home and abroad. After being put on the market in March 2015, without any advertising, JUGEE battery has become a "famous brand product" in this field.

Global leader in product technology: In July 2016, the third generation of JUGEE battery controller technology research and development was completed, and the integration density and power density have reached the highest level of similar products in the world. Among them, AAA battery controller integrates BMS, DC-DC voltage reduction, reverse polarity continuous current, composite electrode structure and other systems in a soybean size volume. At present, it is the BMS composite DC-DC system with the smallest volume, the highest system and power integration density in the world, and the solid- state packaging level reaching IP67.

The highest energy storage in the world: In the fourth generation of JUGEE batteries launched at present, the energy storage capacity of No. 5 (AA) product has reached 3000mwh, surpassing that of similar products in the current market.

3. Patent certificate

4. International Co-operation (One-stop)

  • Distribution of JUGEE Products
  • OEM Cooperation
  • License Production
  • Technological Transformation (Joint Venture)
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5. Online Purchase

About JUGEE Products

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