Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy

The Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy (SIDRA) is Asia's global thought leader for learning and research in negotiation and dispute resolution. SIDRA’s mission is to lead change in the culture of deal-making and dispute resolution and to empower people to create value.

SIDRA is a non-profit organisation supported by the Ministry of Law and is a subsidiary of the Singapore Academy of Law and the Singapore Mediation Centre. It was launched on 17 March 2016 at the 2016 Global Pound Conference by the Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon.

People turn to SIDRA when:

  • They face intractable problems in their negotiations and disputes, and need cutting-edge solutions.
  • They see the rapid evolution of complex challenges that are defining our time, and want to acquire next-generation expertise in negotiation and dispute resolution.
  • They realise that conventional wisdom and theories may not work in all situations, and want access to the latest practice-based and context-sensitive research.
  • They understand that growth is not easily achieved alone, and wish to be part of a community of international stakeholders who regularly exchange and explore ideas and experiences in negotiation and dispute resolution.
  • They appreciate the relevance of diverse perspectives in a globalised world, and want to hear the leading Asian ideas and insights in global conversations on negotiation and dispute resolution.

SIDRA engages in research and development (R&D) projects and collaborations, conducts training and accreditation programmes, and organises think-tank and community events. SIDRA also provides consultancy services. These services form SIDRA’s three strategic pillars: fostering ideas, generating innovation and sharing insights.

SIDRA typically works with business executives, lawyers, mediators, government officials, judicial officers and trainers. Its distinguished international faculty has been drawn from the fields of practice, academia and policy and has worked with clients from all over the world. This includes Australia, Bahrain, Austria, Germany, Vietnam, Hungary, France, Italy, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Philippines, Dubai, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Latvia, Slovenia, Russia, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Fiji, China, Ghana, Egypt, Cameroon and South Africa.

SIDRA stands out in the world of negotiation and dispute resolution because:

  • We adopt a holistic multi-disciplinary approach in our activities and services. We are interested in what works in theory, practice and policy.
  • We have assembled a distinguished international faculty drawn from a myriad of different nations, cultures, industries, fields and disciplines.
  • We place special focus on developing and enhancing culturally-sensitive models of negotiation and dispute resolution that are relevant for our diverse region.
  • We continually draw on our practice-based R&D outcomes to create new programmes and refresh our existing offerings.
  • We work closely with Singapore's world-class dispute resolution institutions and partner with local, regional and international academic and industry partners for R&D and training.
  • As a hub centred in the heart of the region, we provide a platform for stakeholders from all over the world to connect, communicate and collaborate.
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Our Team

Nadja Alexander - Academic Director

Joel Lee - Associate Professor

Michelle Lebaron - Professor

George Lim - Mediator and Senior Counsel

Michael Mcilwrath - Chief Litigation Counsel

IU Ting Kwok - Mediator and Adjunct Associate Professor

Aloysius Goh - Mediator and Deputy CEO


Lee Shen Yang (Head of Business Development)
+65 6828 9633
Contact via CGA (Andrea)