Southern Light Global Entertainment

Our vision is to make commercially successful China Australia Co-Productions for international audiences showcasing the skills and talents of both Chinese & Australian cast & crew as per terms of the Treaty between the two nations.

By adopting the underlying fundamentals of the Co-Production Treaty between China and Australia, we envisage to cross train and further develop skills in crews in Australia and China in to have particular focus on 3D shooting applications and post production processes.

We aim to bring together private equity alongside public funds to undertake commercially viable international business specifically aimed with China and greater Asian audiences to maximize on the extensive growth potential and increasing upside in future projections in that region.

Goals & Objectives:

To develop productions relevant to today’s global marketplace audience utilising the benefits of the Treaty between China and Australia to attract Government funding combined with Private Equity to reduce investment risk and increase the opportunities of positive returns on investment.

Our Motto –

Make Pictures People Want To Watch


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Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia
Nicholas McCallum (Director) Lynda Woods (Finance Producer)
Contact via CGA (Andrea Gottschalk)

Tel: +86 10 6505 8370