Statesman Institute

Shifting the Balance of Power.

Statesman Institute provides Business Leaders with privileged, direct access to men and women from the inner circle of Australian public and corporate life.

Learning from Australia’s great political minds and corporate leaders is a privilege. Statesman Institute can share this privilege with you.

  • Business has an ongoing need to understand government. It is complex and always changing.
  • However, traditional government relations methods are becoming more regulated and less effective.
  • Over regulation requires the disclosure of client and consultant names on public websites for the world to see.

Statesman Institute has been established by the leading figures in Australian government relations. Our unparalleled expert network reflects our depth of knowledge and spread of influence. The formation of the SI network is an industry recognition that traditional Australian lobbying models are tired and losing impact.

Private consultations avoid the need to publish client details on the Australian Prime Minister and Cabinet, and State Government, Departments of Premier and Cabinet websites, broadcasting your strategic priorities to competitors and the media.

Statesman Institute is today’s model for engaging government. Empowering executives to advocate for themselves. Reforming the tired and hackneyed Australian government relations model, with new technology and a modern platform designed for today’s CEOs and corporate leaders.

How Statesman Institute Works?

  • Client submits a project to Statesman Institute securely on our website
  • Statesman Institute reviews the project and matches the client with an expert
  • Statesman Institute facilitates a telephone consultation between the client and expert
  • Client is charged a project fee and the expert is paid an hourly rate for their time

Our Expert network


Australian Government Cabinet Ministers, State Premiers, State Government Ministers, Ministerial Chiefs of Staff & Senior Policy Advisers, Department Secretaries, Chief Executives and Director-Generals, and senior officials leading regulators, statutory bodies and government bodies.

Our experts have had exposure to key economic portfolios and executive government, they understand how decisions are made. Many experts boast foreign affairs experience representing Australia to foreign governments, working with international financial organisations such as the World Bank, OECD, IMF and have served as delegates to the United Nations, World Trade Organisation, G20, Renaissance Weekend and APEC conferences.


Company Directors for publicly listed and unlisted businesses. Chief Executives, CEOs, Managing Directors and senior executives of major corporations, industry groups, peak bodies and superannuation funds.

We target very senior people who have held leadership and board level roles in ASX top 100 companies in the key sectors of resources, mining, finance and banking.

What do we know about?


  • Executive Government
  • Cabinet Process & Decision Making
  • Parliament
  • Parliamentary Process
  • Legislation
  • Parliamentary Committees
  • Political Process – Caucus Committees, Election of Cabinet
  • Elections – Electoral Process
  • Federal-State Government Relations – COAG
  • Public Service Process
  • Public Service Decision Making
  • Procurement, Tendering
  • Public Affairs
  • Courts, Tribunals & Legal

Economic and finance

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Treasury
  • Budget – Budget Process
  • Taxation
  • Tax Policy
  • Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Financial Regulation – ASIC, APRA
  • Competition Policy and Regulation – ACCC
  • Foreign Investment – FIRB
  • Superannuation
  • Insurance
  • Trade
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Foreign Aid
  • International Development


  • Resources
  • Mining
  • Energy – Generation, Distribution, Retail, Regulation
  • Agribusiness
  • Primary Industry, Agriculture
  • Transport & Logistics – Ports, Shipping, Roads
  • Airports
  • Automotive
  • Water
  • Infrastructure
  • Property, Planning, Urban Development
  • Food, Wine & Beverage
  • Tourism


  • Education Funding
  • Education Regulation
  • TAFE
  • Private Education and Training
  • Universities
  • International Education


  • Defence
  • Defence Funding
  • Defence Procurement
  • Defence Industry
  • Defence Manufacturing
  • National Security Policy


  • Communications
  • Broadband Infrastructure
  • Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Mobile Infrastructure


  • Health
  • Heath Funding
  • Health Regulation
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
  • Aged Care
  • Disability Care
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