Swiss Business Hub China

Swiss Business Hub China (SBH China)

In close collaboration with partners from different regions and cantons and from the private sector, SBH China is committed to servicing Chinese entrepreneurs by promoting Switzerland as an ideal location for business as well as promoting exports and investments between the two countries. SBH China provides the following services for Chinese companies:

  • Proving contact with regional and cantonal economic development offices
  • Information on legal and administrative requirements
  • Providing research centers and universities contact information
  • Providing work and residence permits information
  • Help to identify the ideal corporate structure and provide information on the Swiss tax system
  • Present the main industry clusters in Switzerland and their location

Switzerland Global Enterprise

Switzerland Global Enterprise was founded as a non-profit association in Lausanne in 1927. It informs, advises and guides SMEs from Switzerland and Liechtenstein in their international business ventures. It links companies, experts and private and public organisations around the world, thus facilitating efficient promotion of foreign trade. Apart from export promotion, Switzerland Global Enterprise has also been responsible for promoting Switzerland as a business location abroad since the beginning of 2008, as well as for promoting imports from selected developing and transition countries. In addition, Switzerland Global Enterprise runs 21 Swiss Business Hubs abroad, most of which are based in Swiss embassies. These offices provide guidance to Swiss exporters on four continents and promote Switzerland as a business location abroad.

Key Advantages of Investing in Switzerland

There are many reasons why Switzerland is a great place to invest:

1. Ideal Strategic Location

  • Three of the four largest European markets and economies are neighboring countries of Switzerland
  • Communications and transportation center between northern and southern Europe

2. Flexible Labor Market / Highly Skilled Workforce

  • Liberal labor law, employer-friendly regulations
  • Low unemployment, high labor force participation rate
  • Motivated, loyal and well educated workforce with good foreign language skills and above-average international experience

3. First-Class Infrastructure / High Quality of Life

  • Extensive network of road, rail and air connections
  • Reliable supply of energy, water and communications services
  • First-class healthcare system
  • Safe cities, undamaged environment

4. Competitive Tax Conditions

  • Moderate tax rates which are able to compete with the rest of Europe
  • Low duties, levies and other charges
  • Attractive tax planning options

5. Leading Center of Innovation

  • Practice-oriented basic education and training, universities and technical colleges that conduct world-renowned research, internationally prestigious private schools and boarding schools
  • Integration of research and business practice, participation in international research exchange
  • Support for putting innovation into practice

6. World-leading Industry Clusters

  • Globally unique concentration of companies specializing in pharmaceuticals and life sciences
  • Important financial center
  • Market leader in the luxury watch industry
  • Globally important location for commodities trading despite scarcity of raw materials
  • Leading neutral location for headquarters of European organizations

7. Secure Legal Framework

  • Easy system for establishing a company, practice-based corporate law
  • Efficient official procedures and favorable regulatory environment
  • Comprehensive protection of intellectual property
  • No anti-dumping law

8. High Degree of International Integration

  • Strong business orientation towards exports; high level of direct investments abroad
  • The European Union is Switzerland’s most important trading partner, their relationship is protected by broad-based, democratically legitimized bilateral agreements
  • English as language of communication along with four national languages

9. Efficient Capital Market

  • Wide range of banking and insurance products
  • Favorable interest terms
  • High degree of price stability and low inflation over the long term

10. Professional Support

  • Competent advisory services
  • Support in establishing contacts and finding business properties
  • Tax relief and potential sources of financial assistance

65th Anniversary of Bilateral Diplomatic Relations between Switzerland and China

In January 1950, Switzerland was one of the first Western countries to recognize the People’s Republic of China and the two countries have profited from a close collaboration ever since. The first joint venture that was set up between a Chinese and a foreign company was established with the Swiss company Schindler in 1980, and the first Sino-foreign investment joint venture was done with the Swiss bank CS.

More recently, the Free Trade Agreement and the Double Taxation Agreement that came into force in July and November 2014 respectively are just two examples of the two countries’ close relationship. Finally, the signing of a memorandum of understanding for Switzerland to become a Renminbi-hub in January 2015 promises further collaborations to follow in the near future.

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Switzerland Global Enterprise

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) works all over the world to support entrepreneurs and promote Switzerland as a business location. As a center of excellence for internationalization its role is to foster exports, imports and investments, to help clients develop new potential for their international businesses and to strengthen Switzerland as an economic hub.

2015 Events

  • 12.03.2015 – Qingdao: Executive Meeting
  • 16.04.2015 – Shanghai: Executive Meeting
  • 19.-21.05.2015 – Suzhou: Roadshow
  • 11.06.2015 – Shenzhen: Executive Meeting
  • 17.09.2015 – Hangzhou: Executive Meeting
  • 19.10.2015 – Hong Kong: Executive Meeting + Roadshow
  • 20.-22.10.2015 – Shenzhen: Roadshow