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The University of Chicago Booth School of Business is the second-oldest business school in the world. We are second to none when it comes to influencing business education and business practices.

Our educational philosophy is rooted in three words: inquiry, insight, and impact. We call this philosophy The Chicago Approach™. Simply put, The Chicago Approach builds you up. The curriculum, faculty members, and community are all designed to support and strengthen you every day that you’re a student at Booth, and at every step of your career.

Our reach and impact are worldwide. Our 20-year presence in Europe and 15 years in Asia are long preceded by the influence of our thought leadership, faculty research, alumni impact, and student involvement.

Originally founded as the College of Commerce and Politics at the University of Chicago offering practical business instruction, the school underwent three name changes in the 1900s. We settled on our present name in 2008 when David Booth, ’71, generously gave a $300 million gift to the school—the largest donation ever made to a business school.

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Thought Leadership

Faculty members at Chicago Booth continue to change the way the world does business by advancing business theory and shaping its practice. The opinions and work of our faculty members are frequently sought by major corporations and cited in prominent media worldwide. On top of all that, they are accessible and dedicated instructors.

Our faculty members have been awarded countless awards, including a Presidential Media of Freedom and a MacArthur Genius Grant. Since Sweden’s central bank, Sveriges Riksbank, established the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1968, seven Chicago Booth faculty members have won the award. These faculty members include:

  • George Stigler, who received the award for his seminal studies of industrial structures, functioning of markets, and causes and effects of public regulation.
  • Merton Miller, who was recognized for his pioneering work in the theory of financial economics, alongside Harry M. Markowitz and William F. Sharpe.
  • Eugene Fama, who received the award for his groundbreaking research on efficient markets and his model for calculating stock returns. Known as the father of modern finance, Fama shared the award along with Lars Peter Hansen of the University of Chicago and Robert J. Shiller of Yale University.

Research in China

Chicago Booth’s faculty conducts research on markets around the globe, including China’s market. These professors include:

Chang-Tai Hsieh, Phyllis and Irwin Winkelried Professor of Economics

Chang-Tai Hsieh conducts research on growth and development. Hsieh has published several papers in top economic journals, including "Misallocation and Manufacturing TFP in China and India" (Quarterly Journal of Economics) and "What Explains the Industrial Revolution in East Asia? Evidence from the Factor Markets" (American Economic Review). Hsieh is an Elected Member of Academia Sinica, and a recipient of the Sun Ye-Fang award for research on the Chinese economy.

Lin William Cong, assistant professor of finance

Lin William Cong primarily studies corporate finance and investments. His research interests include real options, entrepreneurial finance, market efficiency, statistical learning, financial intermediation and innovation, and China's economy and financial markets. Cong currently referees for The American Economic Review, Review of Financial Studies, Management Science, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Journal of Economic Theory, and Journal of Political Economy.

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Chicago Booth in the News

Chicago Booth’s faculty members are advisers to heads of state around the world, and their pathbreaking research has opened new fields of study. Our professors’ thought leadership is sought out frequently by respected news organizations reporting on economic developments.

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Global Presence

Chicago Booth has three campuses in North America, Asia, and Europe. We are the first and only business school with permanent campuses on these three continents.

(Cleacher Center)

(Harper Center)

We have two hubs in Chicago: The Charles M. Harper Center and the Gleacher Center. Harper Center is located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood and it is the home to our Full-Time MBA Program, our PhD Program, and our academic research and learning centers. The Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago is home to our Executive MBA Program, as well as our Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and Executive Education programs.

(Hong Kong Openning Ceremany)

Outside of Chicago, our global footprint includes campuses in Hong Kong and London. In Hong Kong, the Chicago Booth campus at the University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong is home to the Executive MBA Program and serves students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Our Hong Kong campus, which opened in 2014, attracts executives and leaders from across Asia, providing these students with a state-of-the-art facility in one of the most important financial and entrepreneurial hubs in Asia.

(London Campus)

We also have a presence in Singapore at the National Library Building, which serves as the Asia campus for students enrolled in our Executive Education programs. Our London campus is one of three locations around the globe for Booth’s Executive MBA Program.

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Academic Programs

Our top-ranked Executive MBA Program attracts top executives from around the world. Hong Kong, Asia’s hub of finance and entrepreneurship, is the home of Chicago Booth's Asia Executive MBA Program.

  • The program starts in June each year.
  • The length of the program is 21 months.
  • Students take a total of 17 courses, including 3-5 electives.
  • Focused areas of elective study include capital markets, corporate finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy, and leadership and management.
  • The Executive MBA Program is offered at all three of our campus locations: Chicago, London, and Hong Kong.

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With a highly flexible curriculum and lively campus life, the Full-Time MBA Program is a two-year program that offers endless opportunities to tailor your learning experience. The program is located at the University of Chicago's main location in Hyde Park.

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Chicago Booth also offers Executive Education programs in our Hong Kong and Singapore campuses. The programs, which include both open enrollment and custom programs for executives, combine the very best in conceptual knowledge and academic theory with practical, real-world application. Among others, programs include:

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Chicago Booth in China

Chicago Booth and the University of Chicago host faculty speakers, alumni gatherings, and research presentations in China throughout the calendar year.

  • Global Leadership Series, hosted by Chicago Booth, provides executives worldwide with an unparalleled view of the complex environment and current trends facing businesses today.
  • Chicago Conversations examine industry-specific topics and challenges through the lens of Chicago-style thinking.
  • Economic Outlook , one of the school’s most venerable traditions, is renowned for presentations by faculty members whose insights and analyses reshape the face of business, markets, and the global economy. At Economic Outlook 2015 in Hong Kong, professors examined the effects on China’s crackdown on corruption.

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