Tianjin Binhai CBD Area of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Binhai new area CBD with 46 square kilometers including 6 functional districts-Yujiapu financial district, Xiangluowan business district, Tianjian and Jiefang road commercial district, Dagu living district, Xingang district and Blue whale island district. It is located in the junction of Beijing-Tianjin-Binhai development zone and costal economical development belt. High-speed rail direct access Beijing and Tianjin, trade freedom, investment facilitation, financial factor aggregation, rich building resources and supporting facilities, which make CBD to be the best undertake of the spillover quality resources from the capital. It is a modern new city with vitality for opening up, development potential and advantages of comprehensive commercial cost.

CBD is making efforts to grasp the five national development strategies-free trade zone, national independent innovation demonstration park, Binhai new area development and opening, collaborative development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, and “One belt and One road”. A Cluster of modern service industry featuring financial innovation. At the same time, we will develop five core industries which are financial innovation, science and technology service, professional service, commercial and trading service, and social service. Our goal is to make CBD to be the core of China (Tianjin) pilot free trade zone, financial innovation operation demonstration district and Binhai new area district with high-end industry, functional internationalization and high quality of living within 3 to 5 years.