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Global Distribution of Fire Extinguisher Bombs

Commodities & TradeSafety and Security
The safe and eco-friendly Fire Extinguisher Bombs blend pyrotechnics with nanotech to swiftly douse the fire and prevent rekindling as well as human and animal injuries...

Chinese Looking for Clean Energy Projects Overseas

Clean Energy
Chinese renewable energy companies are looking for photovoltaic and wind power projects overseas in EPC (+F), BOO, BOT or BT business model.

Crosswinds Project Matrix

Real Estate & Construction
Projects are high-end real estate ones located in South and North American continents, including single family estates in horse country, condo-tel with loft styled villas, hotels and entertainment centers with beautiful island setting …

Livestock Investment Opportunity in Uruguay

AgribusinessCommodities & Trade
Uruguay is one of the world's largest livestock producing countries with the highest number of cows per inhabitant, the highest consumption of beef in the world and …

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