Acumedical Development Project

Created on: 15 Aug 2017 Last updated: 21 Aug 2017
Project Location
East Asia and the Pacific
North America
Primary Industry
Medical & Health
Investment Amount
30,000,000 USD

Project Description

Sector:Hi-tech Industry

Company Name : Meridian Impetus Company Limited (Hongkong) Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technologies Co., Ltd.

Background Introduction:

In order to accomplish the strategic concept of "going abroad" policy, Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technologies Co., Ltd. is taking Meridian Impetus Company Limited as platform to promote the Acumedical Development Project to the world. Meridian Impetus Company Limited, founded in Hong Kong, is a high-tech company committed to traditional Chinese acupuncture product research and development, manufacture and sales. Meridian Impetus Company Limited achieved industrial chain integration through independent research and development as well as mergers and acquisitions. Meanwhile, Meridian Impetus Company Limited devoted to the modernization and digitization of traditional Chinese acupuncture and the promotion of the high-tech products to the world. Under the background of the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the

internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there bursts a great demand on Chinese acupuncture clinic in the market. With the rapid development of Western medicine digitization and artificial intelligence, TCM acupuncture has been unable to meet the modern requirements for quantification and the accurate treatment. Meridian Impetus Company Limited seized the huge opportunity to integrate the high-tech products with the traditional acupuncture clinics, in order to provide the patients with a unified, standard, quantified intact process from diagnosis and treatment to treatment results detection, which conforms to the international mainstream of "evidence-based medicine" ideas, and facilitates the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture to cover the global market rapidly with this standard.

Means of Cooperation : Financing, talent recruitment, market promotion and seeking partners.

Project location:Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and U.S.

Total investment: USD 30,000,000, approximately RMB 200 million.

Source of fund:Equity capital and financing

Project Description: Acumedical Development Project is led by “Belt and Road Initiative” of the government and aims to promote Chinese acupuncture to the world. Acumedical Development Project integrates breakthrough innovative Western Medicine and TCM diagnosis, treatment devices and clinics together, provides unified, standard and quantified treatment process for patients, which covers diagnosis, treatment and treatment outcome measure. This standard would accord with international mainstream evidence-based medicine, which can be used by TCM acupuncture and achieve rapid coverage in international market. Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technologies Co., Ltd. was registered in Beijing, China, which invented and manufactured Meridian Ebb-flow Therapeutic Device (MET Device). MET Device is non-invasive, which uses electrode pads (to replace the acupuncture needle) and modern micro-electronics technology to stimulate acupoints and realize the curative effects of acupuncture. The unique contribution of MET Device is that it turned the complicated method “Meridian” from Huangdi Neijing into a computer program, the combination of ancient medical theory and acupuncture treatment will achieve the best curative effects. This is also an excellent example for digitization of TCM. Multiple clinical researches have proved that for certain diseases, MET Device has achieved optimal efficiency compared to traditional acupuncture. Currently, it has been listed on (1) State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM) (First batch in 2011) Recommended Products; (2) SATCM TCM Hospitals Standardized Facility (Basic Facility);(3) Beijing Military Area Command Drug Purchase Directory. There are also more than one hundred medical institutions using MET Device in China. As a non-invasive product, it would be more acceptable by overseas users, and easier to promote than traditional acupuncture. AcuMedical, Inc. is located in St Paul, Minnesota. The company has developed the meridian system acupoint digitalization equipment, which can quantitatively detect the physiological and pathological changes of human body. It helps doctors to diagnose and treat a variety of diseases and provides a quantitative assessment system for TCM. AcuMedical, Inc. is committed to combine modern technology with the theory of TCM and improve innovative Chinese medicine treatment methods for complex clinical problems, to provide the most effective and the least painful solution. AcuMedical, Inc.'s products have a major impact and significance. They use modern technology to explore and analyze the relevant theory of meridian system, which inherited thousands of years. They have created the digital medical records system of TCM for the first time and established a scientific way to evaluate TCM effects. These will push more insurance companies in the U.S. to cover TCM treatments into their insurance policies. More importantly, this technology promotes the transformation of TCM from empirical medicine to evidence-based medicine. It enables western medical societies to embrace TCM and promotes standardization and internationalization of TCM. Acumedical Development Project planned to equip the aforementioned high-tech products from two companies in 100 acupuncture clinics in the U.S. as the standard equipment to achieve a uniform, standard, quantified process, from diagnosis and treatment to result analysis. At the same time, this model will be promoted to the whole world through franchising, which is a feasible way for the internationalization of TCM. The high-tech products of AcuMedical, Inc. made the establishment of big data possible in terms of ancient meridians and acupoints, and help the modernization and digitalization of Chinese acupuncture. The total investment is USD 30 million. USD 10 million will be invested to Beijing Jiashi Zhengtong Technologies Co., Ltd. On the basis of medical treatment device, the company will develop family version device and healthcare device, ensure the quantity production and global promotion for both devices. Another USD 10 million will be invested to AcuMedical, Inc. for the global market coverage of acupoint detector. The rest of USD 10 million will be used for the purchase or Merge and Acquisition of 100 acupuncture clinics in the U.S. Based on the comprehensive analysis, the aforementioned 3 projects will realize profits in the first year of investment, two companies will be listed on the Nasdaq within 3 years.Due to the particularity and unique business model of this project, also because this is the last round of financing before both firms being listed, investors will definitely gain great returns. This purpose of this trip to Hong Kong is for financing, talent recruitment, market promotion and seeking partners, also accomplishing the strategic concept of "going abroad" policy.

Funding Requirement : Clear funding source and not from high-risk country

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