Livestock Investment Opportunity

Created on: 06 Jul 2020 Last updated: 12 Oct 2020
Project Location
Latin America and the Caribbean
Primary Industry
Commodities & Trade

Project Description

Uruguay is one of the world's largest livestock producing countries with the highest number of cows per inhabitant, the highest consumption of beef in the world and it is its first export item. 

Conexión Ganadera is a company that channels the savings of the city's inhabitants towards the purchase of livestock, which is located in fields leased by the company in exchange for a fixed interest rate and with the guarantee of the ownership of the animals.

After 20 years of operation, the company manages today a set of 70 thousand animals in an area of 50 thousand hectares in continuous growth. The animals are contributed today by 700 individual investors while the leased fields are operated by the company in a profitable and consistent activity. The potential of meat production that arises from this operation is the equivalent of 5000 tons in carcass weight, part of which is sold today under its own brand as meat produced on pasture in the United States ( and is based on a genetic improvement program oriented to meat quality from Angus animals. The genetics obtained from the top 5% under this characteristic is for the United States herd.

The investor is offered the transfer of the livestock system in a 50.000 hectare unit, investing in the purchase of the animals from the current owners (our investors) and in the working capital corresponding to one year of operation under our management and expertise obtained during 15 years of conducting the business. 

The perspective of the initial investment towards the future consists of three outstanding benefits.

1. A profitability with an immediate steady component of around 10% and a variable component that can go from 0 to an additional 10%. Today the steady component is the one corresponding to the profits of the investors who own the cattle and the variable component is the one received by the cattle management once the payment to the cattle investors has been made.

2. A growth perspective under the same system of at least 10 times the current size.

3. The possibility of vertical growth in the chain by including the sale of a cold-storage plant and based on the incorporation of new links such as feedlots.

4. The assurance for the investor of having an autonomous supply of 5000 tons of the highest quality beef known in the world. 

The transferring process of this livestock operation is planned gradually over a period of two to three years, and the price will be proportional to the economic results of the transition period.

Contact information:

Pablo Carrasco


Address: Basilio Pereira de la Luz 1074 and Echevarriarza,Montevideo,Uruguay


(+598) 26235400

(+598) 26235576 

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