Madrid Urban Rail Transit Project

Created on: 15 Aug 2017 Last updated: 28 Aug 2017
Project Location
Europe and Central Asia
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Project Description

Name of the project unit: Traffic Administration of Madrid

Background: Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd. is a state-owned sole proprietorship funded by the Beijing State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, which undertakes the investment and financing and management of infrastructure transportation, rail transportation equipment manufacturing and information technology services, and land and property Development and management of related resources and service functions. As of the end of 2016, Beijing Investment under the jurisdiction of wholly-owned and holding enterprises 55 (including a domestic listed overseas companies), total assets of 431 billion yuan, net assets of 158.3 billion yuan, registered capital of 90.9 billion yuan, becoming the largest state-owned assets in Beijing Enterprises, rail transit operations to reach the total mileage of 574 km, built the total passenger volume ranked first in the world of large urban rail transit network. Since the establishment in November 2003, under the leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, with the support of the relevant government offices and the community, BII relies on the main investment and investment of rail transit and other infrastructure projects, And gradually established a "one body-two wings, two-wheel drive" strategic development pattern. Among them, the successful operation of the PPP , BT and other market financing projects, self-created Beijing Rail Transit Command Center project, rail transit depot and station development projects and other comprehensive development projects Access to national and municipal awards. In the protection of the capital city operation at the same time, actively implement the rail transit "planning and design, investment and financing, construction, equipment manufacturing, operation and management" and other five in one "go global" strategy, through PPP and other forms of domestic and foreign rail transit project construction, Successful implementation of Urumqi Rail Transit Line 2 Phase I PPP project.

Investment type: PPP

Project Location: Madrid, Spain

Total investment and project funding source: To be determined

Program Source: Own funds

Project Description:

Madrid City is expected to form a relatively complete urban rail transit network planning in 2019, and gradually start a series of related projects, including the city rail project, inter-city rail transit projects, highway connecting lines, urban public transport hub Items and so on. At present, there are four city rail lines in the city of Madrid, with a total length of 36 kilometers, operated by four different private enterprises in PPP mode, the longest has been operating for 8 years. There are two city rail lines outside the city, namely Line 9 and airport fast track, are operated in PPP mode, line 9 has been operating for 13 years. Madrid urban rail transit investment in each project from 100 million euros to 600 million euros range, including urban rail projects will focus on the outer area of Madrid and the more remote urban areas, inter-city track projects and high-speed The main purpose of the highway project is to connect Madrid with other cities, forming a network of inter-city connections. Chinese enterprises through the normal bid to capital investment, cooperation with local enterprises, management and operation of various models to participate in local projects. From the past experience, Spain's urban rail project investment rate of return is generally between 10-12%. 

Requirements for practicing bodies: business registration

Demand for partners: Hong Kong rail transit business

Valid period:30 years

Please contact (8610)65541880 for detailed information.

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