2014 global city informatization forum

Date: 4 - 6 Nov 2014
Location: Shanghai, China

Nowadays, digital drive has made our world super-connected. The idea of “Efficiency, Inter-connection, Environmental-protection” has also became the leading mode to support our city development. City is given the right of unprecedented economy, policy and technology, and its development has been inevitably pushed into the center of the world stage and played its leading role. Meanwhile, city also faces all kinds of challenges, such as environmental pollution, traffic jam, energy shortage, inadequate housing, unemployment, diseases and so on. Under new situation, how to solve so many problems that are caused by city development and realize sustainable development has become an important proposition of urban planning and construction.

The proposal of smart city has provided new development model, conception and path for constructing a sustainable city. It is the important means and basic platform for innovating urban governance pattern and system. Explorations and practices of all over the world show that building up smart city should focus on how to master the core concept and main characteristic of “Smartness?Integration?Convergence”.


The Forum will serve as a platform for key decision makers and policy developers to share their visions, policies and strategies, technologies, products, practices and experiences, with the objectives as follows:

  1. To exhibit prominent cases of Smart City solutions and state-of-art technologies;
  2. To issue the “Report on Global Smart City Development”;
  3. To share the experience of ICT application and sustainable development worldwide;
  4. To strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the governments, enterprises, public and private sectors, etc;
  5. To construct the promotion mechanism of Global City Informatization Forum.

Main Topics:

1. Urban Management in the Era of Big Data

The economic growth model; urban management model; enterprise management model; personal lifestyle change; social media’s key role in smart city; the central role of the public; technology-driven big data development; competition among cities in the future, etc.

2. Re-industrialization in the Era of Intelligence

The influence of the third industrial revolution in different fields; the upgrading and breakthrough of intelligent manufacturing technology and intelligence services; the application in intelligent manufacturing and services; experiences and implications of different cities in the process of achieving re-industrialization.

3. Smart Application in the Era of Informatization

In the era of information, how to make the city’s public resources, management, services, community life and ecological environment more efficient, convenient, and citizen-centered.

Welcome to visit The French Lab - French pavilion for sustainable cities


  • An initiative of French actors involved in the development of sustainable cities in China,
  • A creative team project to respond to years of sustainable urbanization in China,
  • A pavilion to show the French knowledge in sustainable cities,
  • An approach to reveal synergies and create a pool of skills to answer the growing demand in China.

Click here to download the Forum Agenda

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