• Climate Bonds' GSS+ Bonds Training

    Date: 17-19 Oct 2023
    Location: Online
    As the leading fixed-income debt instrument, green bonds have also paved the way for the appearance of other thematic-labelled bonds.
  • REDmoney Seminars Presents Treasury Management for Financial Institutions

    Date: 16-19 Oct 2023
    Location: Online
    Robust treasury management is essential to both conventional and Islamic banks. Banks with strong treasury capabilities are able to position themselves effectively against liquidity and market risks which impact performance and threaten survival during periods of extreme stress, such as the Global Financial Crisis, 2007-9. Achieving efficient and effective treasury management is particularly challenging in Islamic banks for several reasons.
  • Sino-Swiss Business Awards

    Date: 26 Oct 2023
    Location: TBC Beijing, China
    The Sino-Swiss Business Awards (SSBA) is a highly regarded biyearly event organized by SwissCham China in partnership with the Swiss Embassy. Its primary objective is to recognize and celebrate companies's significant contributions to the Swiss and Chinese business communities.
  • Save the Date | APRAG Conference 2023

    Date: 13-15 Nov 2023
    Location: Beijing, China
    APRAG Conference 2023
  • REDmoney Seminars Presents Developing Sustainability Frameworks for Financial Institutions

    Date: 20-21 Nov 2023
    Location: Kuala Lumpur
    By the very nature of their businesses and operations, financial institutions are intrinsically exposed and linked to the consequences of important concepts such as climate change. How institutions choose the assets they finance, the tools and structures they use, how they operate and how they report on their activities is crucial to measuring and managing how sustainable a financial institution is deemed to be.