• REDmoney Seminars Presents Developing Sustainability Frameworks for Financial Institutions

    Date: 20-21 Nov 2023
    Location: Kuala Lumpur
    By the very nature of their businesses and operations, financial institutions are intrinsically exposed and linked to the consequences of important concepts such as climate change. How institutions choose the assets they finance, the tools and structures they use, how they operate and how they report on their activities is crucial to measuring and managing how sustainable a financial institution is deemed to be.
  • Louise Sturgis: Be still and know that I am here

    Date: 16 Nov 2023
    Location: 2a Conway Street, London, W1T 6BA
    Please join us on Thursday at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery, 2a Conway Street, W1T 6BA, for the opening of Louise Sturgis: Be still and know that I am here.
  • Invitation | APRAG Conference 2023

    Date: 13-15 Nov 2023
    Location: Beijing, China
    APRAG Conference 2023
  • IFN KSA Dialogues 2023

    Date: 11 Dec 2023
    Location: Hyatt Regency Olaya, Riyadh
    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose Vision 2030 objectives prominently feature the advancement of Islamic finance, maintains its position as the world’s largest holder of Islamic financial assets. The Kingdom continues to prioritize Islamic finance with initiatives that incentivize the sector and recognize innovation. In the past year, the Saudi government has reaffirmed its aim to become a global Islamic finance hub by 2030.
  • REDmoney Seminars Presents Balance Sheet Management & Optimisation: For Financial Institutions

    Date: 08-09 Nov 2023
    Location: Aloft, Kuala Lumpur
    Balance sheet optimization and asset and liability management are crucial aspects of financial management for banks and other financial institutions. BSM refers to the strategic management of assets and liabilities to ensure a financial institution’s financial health and stability.